Guest Star: "A Lot Of People Still Will Forever Hold Out Hope For A Little Brother Reunion"

Monday, Jan 17, 2011 4:20PM

Written by SOHH for Big Pooh

[With the recent news of estranged Little Brother members 9th Wonder and Phonte finally ending their feud, Big Pooh has shared his reaction to seeing both artists place aside their differences & mend their friendship.]

I found out about [the Phonte and 9th Wonder conversation] moments before Phonte put it up on Twitter. He actually called me and let me know that him and 9th had spoken and [revealed] some of the things they talked about or whatever. It was cool. He just wanted to let me know before the world found out. [I have] nothing but respect for that.

As far as my feelings about it, it's not what people may think. It's like, "All right, cool" because the one thing people fail to realize or don't want to realize is that we all had different personal relationships with each other. Me and 9th's relationship isn't the same relationship Phonte and 9th had. So even though I'm sure some of the stuff they discussed were Little Brother-related, they probably had some personal things between them that needed to be resolved.

I'm definitely happy that they finally talked and I'm just waiting on the day for me and 9th to finally talk. We can get a lot of things out on the table and hopefully start just like them, building back [our] relationship. At the end of the day, it was more than just music with us. That's why they don't understand, thinking it's just, "Squash all that and get back to making music." It's not that simple. It's more personal. If the time comes and when the time comes, I'm sure we'll let people know about it.

I think for the time being, people can rejoice in 9th and Phonte finally deciding to talk and put a lot of the things in the past and leave it there. They wanted to let the people know as far as their relationship that it was about being men. Phonte said it was about being men, it wasn't about music and it definitely wasn't about a reunion. It was about a brotherhood. That trumps music any day of the week. A lot of people still will forever hold out hope for a Little Brother reunion. Will it come? I doubt it, but I guess it feels good to see [them] finally talking.

Big Pooh, 9th Wonder and Phonte once made up hip-hop trio Little Brother. Since the late 90's, Pooh has released music as a member of Little Brother and as a solo act, including 2005's Sleepers and 2009's The Delightful Bars. In 2007, 9th Wonder departed the trio and Little Brother officially broke up in 2010.

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