5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Mr. Immortality: "I've Never Heard Anyone Rhyme Like Him Before"

Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011 5:00PM

Written by SOHH for Vlad Yudin

[With today's release of Twista's Mr. Immortality DVD, director Vlad Yudin gives his Top 5 reasons why you should support the Chi-Town legend's new film.]

1. Personality Check

Reason number one. Let's start off looking at Twista. He's definitely someone who has been in the spotlight for so long and he's definitely had huge commercial success, but I think people don't know the personal side of Twista. He's definitely somebody that's been in the music business since basically 1991. He has huge longevity. I feel like this film highlights that. I feel like people are going to be able to explore and go in-depth and really learn about him.

2. See Me Now

The second biggest reason is I feel he's one of the stars that's had huge success but never really showed his personal side. I feel like a lot of other artists show their artistic side but also invited cameras and journalists into their lives. I feel like Twista never chose to do that. So I think for the first time ever, he really lets people into his life and shows off his personal side of him. We had a long conversation with his manager about Twista letting us record and he definitely wanted us to show people the personal side of him.

3. Chicago Times

Another big reason why we wanted to make the film was to show what's going on in Chicago right now as far as the violence. There's a lot of problems over there and I think the video discusses it and we talk about what's really going on. We try to tackle that issue and that's another big reason why people should check out the film. I think the media and the news shows a little bit but we talk about it and try to analyze what's really going on.

4. Private Eye

I think another reason why people should buy this is because Twista's been in the music business for so long and he has huge success. But again, he's a very private person and I think a lot of people didn't realize it yet. He chose to be a private person. A lot of artists choose to do a lot of PR moves but he had never really done that. So I think this is the first time ever he really gets to tell his story they way he wants to.

5. Whirlwind Windy World

I think one final reason is because this is an exciting music film. We kind of follow him on the road, talk about a lot of things artists go through, talk about his past, struggles at the music labels, his experiences in general and different encounters he went through over the years. It's very exciting to know about the inside story of a rap superstar. I loved the moments being in the studio with him. I actually didn't know Twista didn't write a lot of his music. He actually listens to the music playing out of the speakers and he kind of listens to it over and and over and then goes into the booth and records the whole song. He rhymes so fast. That's another reason. His whole delivery is so unique. I've never heard anyone rhyme like him before. There are people who have had similar styles to him that sound somewhat similar.

You Decide. Will you purchase Mr. Immortality?

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Check out some film footage below:

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