News: Talib Kweli Breaks Silence On Wife Fight Talk

Wednesday, Dec 29, 2010 11:10AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli has stepped forward to address the speculation and gossip claiming he got into a physical altercation with his wife, DJ Eque, last week.

Kweli confirmed the occurred incident via statement, however it was less grave than reported.

"Although we argued none of the rest of it is true. I definitely did not did not say I would not have gotten married if it wasn't for Hennessy. I wasn't kicked out, the party had been over and the footage of what I actually said is on youtube...." - Talib Kweli (Statement)

On Monday (December 27), DJ Eque also denied fighting and attacking her husband.

"Who is making up all these crazy ass rumors? My husband did not hit me & I didn't go into rage and attack him over flirting?? That's crazy," she tweeted Monday (December 27).
"Ppl need to check there facts before they start reblogging stuff!!"
"Its time for joy and blessing, just stop with all the negative talk and energy....we all need to be more thankful" (DJ Eque's Twitter)

Reports from the New York Post detailed the alleged melee.

Rapper Talib Kweli was thrown out of an after-party for his own record-listening event after he got into a fight with his wife, DJ Eque. Spies tell us Eque "flew into a rage and launched herself at Kweli" after she spotted him flirting with other women at the bash at West 14th Street bar Snap. Brooklyn-based Kweli has collaborated with stars including Kanye West and Mos Def. (NY Post)

A source from the event had also provided a blow-by-blow recap of what allegedly went down.

Our source said, "Kweli made a joke thanking the sponsor, Hennessey, for paying for his wedding in 2009, saying otherwise he wouldn't have got married. The party later carried on in a private room. When his wife saw him chatting and being friendly with other women, she flew off the handle. She went at him and they were almost wrestling before they fell back on a table, smashing some glasses. Security then asked them to leave, and they carried on the argument outside as they got into their car." Kweli and Eque couldn't be reached. (NY Post)

Check out some recent Talib Kweli footage down below:

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