Guest Star: "Rick Ross' Teflon Don Would Be In My Top 5 Albums Of The Year"

Friday, Dec 10, 2010 4:20PM

Written by SOHH for Anslem Samuel

[With Rick Ross getting snubbed for a Grammy nomination once again, former XXL Magazine music editor Anslem Samuel weighs in on the Teflon Don's award woes.]

I think Rick Ross is worthy of a Grammy nomination but I think this is the thing with the reality of it. When you're talking about rap albums, Ross definitely put out another solid album with [Teflon Don.] And if you were to ask me to pick some of the top five rap albums of this year, Ross would be in that top five.

The thing about it though is when you're going to the Grammys, you're going to a broader mainstream pop pool. Just looking at the history of the Grammys you'll see nominations where if you go to the streets or rap critics, they'd be like, "Those albums shouldn't be there." You'd see people saying, "Wait, you're getting nominated for album of the year? What's going on?"

I can understand Ross questioning not getting a nomination because he put a solid album out and I think consistently, he has put out solid albums. So it seems like it could be valid to wonder why he hasn't received a Grammy nomination, but at the same time you can understand. If he hasn't gotten that mainstream look or acceptance, it's going to be harder to get that nod.

Let's say somebody like a Tech N9ne put out a critically acclaimed album that everybody loves or even an artist like Blu. When Blu did the joint with Exile, I loved that album. I think I was on the [XXL] panel that year and called it one of my favorite albums of the year. That was the same year Kanye West's Graduation came out. Not saying it's better than the other, but for me, it was an underground hip-hop album that cats were messing with. But Blu doesn't have any airplay and isn't known above the [heavens], no pun intended, to be seen at the Grammys.

Rick Ross is in a different spot. He has the radio play. He had one of the songs of the year [with "B.M.F."], everybody was doing remixes, this might have been one of his biggest career years, impact-wise. So I can definitely see where he's coming from like, "D*mn, I got overlooked by the Grammys again," but then at the same time, keep doing what you're doing and eventually it'll come to you.

Jay-Z is one of the artists who sold seven million albums and it took him almost 10 years to get his first Grammy. He might have got nominated but it took a minute. You can't allow that to hurt you or affect you because at the other shows like The MTV Awards and The BET Awards, you're getting those nominations [as well as] awards. But as far as the Grammys, you should still do it for the music, do it for the culture and don't get caught up with the awards.

Anslem Samuel has been a music/entertainment journalist for over 10 years. After a four-year stint as Culture Editor at The Source, the New York native became the founding Editor-in-Chief of The Ave, an independent quarterly publication that combined entertainment, social issues and politics. From there, he served as the Senior Editor for XXL magazine for three years before moving up the ranks as Digital Content Director for Currently, he serves as the Senior Producer of Interactive Media at Black Enterprises. In addition to his writing appearing in Essence, Blender, Penthouse, Complex, Vibe, King and Rides, Anslem also has worked in radio as a weekly news correspondent for "Phat Saturdays" on Bahamas' 100JAMZ for several years. In 2008, Anslem started penning his own personal tales about the pursuit of life, love and understanding the opposite sex on his hilarious and insightful daily blog, Naked With Socks On [], which earned the title of Best Blog Series in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards.

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