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Tuesday, Dec 7, 2010 9:35PM

Written by Jesse Prince

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Jersey rap veteran Redman returns with his seventh solo effort, Reggie today.

For his latest release, Redman opted to deviate from his past "funk" etiquette for a modern sound.

"Some rappers say they had it/ I feel I'm getting started," argues Redman on his seventh album, Reggie. To prove his point, the Brick City veteran abandons the distinctive funk beats of his earlier classics in favor of electronic R&B hooks and clubby bounce tracks. It yields some rewards like "Def Jammable" and "Lite 1 Witcha Boi," the latter a posse cut with Method Man and Bun B, as well as a few duds such as the Auto-Tuned "Full Nelson." Reggie sounds uneven, but give Redman credit for trying something new, even at the risk of alienating his hardcore audience. (Plugonemag)

A few of Redman's fellow seasoned emcees rock alongside the "Funk Doc" on LP.

The 18-year Def Jam Records vet's latest album finds the Def Squad emcee from Newark, New Jersey working with longtime affiliates Method Man, Saukrates and DJ Kool, but also Treacherous Three emcee Kool Moe Dee and UGK's Bun B. (HipHopDX)

Reggie's tracks are handled by an eclectic mix of beatmakers.

1. Reggie (Intro) (Prod. The Futuristiks) 2. That's Where I B (feat. DJ Kool) (Prod. Ty Fyffe) 3. Def Jammable (Prod. DJ Khalil) 4. Full Nelson (feat. Ready Roc, Runt Dawg & Saukrates) (Prod. Tone Mason) 5. Lift It Up (Prod. J. Rob) 6. All I Do (feat. Faith Evans) (Prod. Freak), 7. Lemme Get 2 (feat. Saukrates) (Prod. Rich Kidd), 8. Mic, Light, Camera, Action (Prod. Rockwilder) 9. Cheerz (feat. Ready Roc & Melanie Rutherford) (Prod. M-Phazes) 10. Rockin' wit da Best (feat. Kool Moe Dee) (Prod. ThreeSixty) 11. Lite 1 witcha Boi (feat. Method Man & Bun B) (Prod. Dominic Jordan) 12. When the Lights Go Off (feat. Pooh Bear) (Prod. King David) 13. Tiger Style Crane (Prod. Adam Deitch)(kickhihatsnare)

Recently, Redman detailed new approach to creating music.

"I got it on my new album -- I don't care," said in an interview about auto-tune. "Reggie Noble is doing the album, not Redman. Let's get that clear. Reggie Noble don't give a f*ck! He wanna do auto-tune. He wants to do a pop record. He just wants to domusic because he loves music. What's the difference between Reggie Noble and Redman is that this Reggie Noble album is more conceptual. It got concepts on it, it got auto-tune on it, it got a pop record on it. I had fun on it. I'm just throwing it out, giving it to Def Jam." (Redman Breaks Down His "Reggie Noble" Alter Ego)

Redman's Reggie has recieved many favorable reviews, however some wish he would remained to his usual formula.

Redman presents Reggie is an uneven album. There are times when Redman seems to want people to bear witness to his evolution (Reggie Nobel) and others where he seems rooted in the glory of the past. The album is bookmarked by quality songs, but the songs that seem to highlight Reggie (the other side of Redman) are generally muddled by mediocre material. Those looking for the Redman of Muddy Waters, Dare, or Whut! Thee Album fame are certain to be a bit disappointed. Those days are gone. However, the upside is for a newer generation unattached to those classics will bear witness to a vet that still has his legs under him and a wicked jumper. The main issue is, we, the super fans, are looking for monster dunks and 360 slams. Prayerfully, Redman will come back with out Reggie alone when he releases the anticipated Muddy Waters II. (AllHipHop)

Listening to this album made me regret saying for quite some time that Redman was better than Method Man. Method Man showed it with his feature on this album and his other recent material with Wu Massacre. This album will be erased from my memory now and my life will move on. You all should pick up his Pancake and Syrup though. (ZillaSays)

To purchase Reggie, just click here.

Preview music from the album below:

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