News: Joell Ortiz Is On The Prowl, "I'm Just Looking For A Partner Right Now"

Thursday, Dec 2, 2010 10:33PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Slaughterhouse's Joell Ortiz has addressed his new Free Agent album leaking onto the Internet this week and what the final contractual obligation to E1 Music means for his career.

According to Joell, he is looking to to move from the independent label to a company which shares the same vision he has.

"I'm moving forward," he said in an interview. "I'm in a different phase of career. I'm no longer on E1 as an artist, to be honest with you. I'm doing new music [and] I been handed in that album...I'm just looking for a partner right now, not even a label deal -- someone that believes in my music. Yesterday's thing is yesterday's thing...My fans are genuine fans, they will follow Slaughterhouse wherever we go...So, as far as the album, that will not effect what we do in the future [with it leaking]. I don't stop recording. This is what I do for a living. I could put another album out again tomorrow if I wanted to." (XXL Mag)

Joell's Free Agent album began leaking online earlier this week.

Last December, Amazon accidentally sent out 500 preordered copies of Lil Wayne's Rebirth months before its actual release date, and that was surely embarrassing. Well, the leading online retailer just did it again! According to Joell Ortiz, Amazon was not aware that the date for his album Free Agent had been pushed back by several months and released physical and digital copies on the previously announced date. Says Joell: "Amazon selling 'Free Agent' album 3 months early ... SMH ... [Ortiz's record label] E1 strikes again. Hope yall enjoy." (New York Mag)

The project is currently only available through illegal download.

After Ortiz encouraged his fans to download and enjoy the album, Amazon then pulled 'Free Agent' down. This means copies have been unleashed online, yet there's no actual way to obtain the record other than piracy. Earlier this month, Ortiz confirmed that he had been granted a release from his contract with E1, yet they are still behind the release of 'Free Agent.' (The Boom Box)

Outside of his own solo deal, Ortiz recently confirmed speculation of an upcoming Shady Records and Slaughterhouse arrangement being worked on.

"We're right now in talks with Shady Records and we are going back and forth with some legal stuff," Joell explained in a video. "Yes, we will be signing to Shady. Is it finalized now? No it's not but it is in the workings. Eminem is excited, the group is excited so you can really expect a Slaughterhouse release with Shady Records. I'm excited about that because shoot, being a dude that came up listening to real lyricism, real emcees, Mr. Marshall Mathers is one of the top notch there. You understand? And for him to show interest in myself and my group, it's just a beautiful thing and a blessing. I'm looking forward to that just as much as you -- the answer to your question, 'Are we going to sign to Shady,' is yes we are and it's in the workings right now so be on the look-out." (Hip Hop Nation)

Check out some recent Joell Ortiz footage below:

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