News: Hot Boys Pay Homage To Fallen Ex-Cash Money Rapper, "Magnolia Shorty Was Like A Sister To Me"

Friday, Dec 31, 2010 7:43AM

Written by Biz Jones

The Hot Boys have paid homage to late ex-Cash Money Records rapper Magnolia Shorty just days after her fatal shooting in Louisiana.

Shorty's funeral service took place Thursday (December 30) morning in New Orleans.

The 28-year-old former Cash Money rapper was widely regarded as the "Queen of Bounce" for her pioneering contributions to the bounce movement. She was laid to rest at the Fifth African Baptist Church today, after being shot down last week in her New Orleans East housing complex. "I think about how small she was, with a big voice," Juvenile said in a recent interview, regarding the slain MC. "And how brave she was, as a woman, going to some of the areas she went to and getting on the mic and making her songs." (The Boom Box)

The service was attended by former and current Cash Money artists including Baby and Lil Wayne.

As fellow Cash Money affiliates Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile, Mack Maine and Baby made their way into the Fifth African Baptist Church in New Orleans on Thursday morning (December 30), hundreds of fans gathered outside the church to pay tribute to fallen hometown rapper Magnolia Shorty. "Magnolia Shorty was like a sister to me and it ain't just what she meant to me; it's what she meant to Louisiana, it's what she meant to New Orleans," B.G. told MTV News, noting that he was the one who brought Shorty into the Cash Money fold when she was just 12 years old. "She was the queen of bounce. She was someone you loved to be around. She was the best at what she do. I'm really speechless right now, but it ain't sunk in yet. ... She owned this city, but she was this close to ownin' the world." (MTV)

Incarcerated Hot Boys member Turk spoke on Shorty's passing earlier this week.

"We send all our prayers out [and] I wanna send my prayers out to Renetta Lowe, Magnolia Shorty you might know her as," Turk said on a recording. "She was like my little sister, I talked to her like -- [a few] days ago and she was so full of energy, excited about me coming home [from jail], us doing songs together -- I get this news that she's deceased, it kind of hurt me to my heart. I'm still incarcerated right now, I want everyone to know in the city, we need to come together because it's too much for us to keep losing our soldiers -- it's too much. Every time I'm calling home I'm hearing somebody else done got [killed] as Magnolia Shorty. When is this going to stop? Magnolia Slim was a soldier. Magnolia Shorty was a soldier. I salute both of them. They both left a mark in the Magnolia history. Y'all gotta come together man and say we gonna do something positive, we gonna do something constructive. Like I say man, y'all gotta just stop. It's just too much. I don't know what else to say it together. Y'all get it together. My prayers are with New Orleans." (Free Hot Boy Turk)

Details on the rapper's fatal shooting were released online last week.

Sources have told Eyewitness News that the female victim in a double shooting Monday in New Orleans East is local rapper Magnolia Shorty. Magnolia Shorty and a man were shot to death inside of a car in New Orleans East just after noon Monday, according to the NOPD. A spokesman said police were called to the scene of a shooting in the 6300 block of Bridgehampton Drive in the east and when they arrived found the 28-year-old woman and an unidentified man shot to death inside of the car. Both victims were shot several times and both were pronounced dead on the scene. (WWLTV News)

Check out Turk speaking on Magnolia Shorty down below:

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