News: Diddy Promises To Cool Off Bathtub Model's Hot Head

Sunday, Dec 26, 2010 6:27PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy has reportedly decided to show his support for the model whose hair caught on fire while posing in a bathtub at the rap mogul's Last Train to Party album release party this month.

While there is no word on the exact cash sum that model Miyoki Jones will end up with, reports claim Puff has her back.

The model who's hair went up in flames at a party thrown by Diddy earlier this month is getting an early X-mas gift courtesy of the rap mogul -- TMZ has learned Diddy's offered to pay whatever it takes to repair the damage. According to a source close to the model, Diddy called up Miyoki shortly after the incident to see how she was doing ... and then offered to foot the bill for her hair repair -- no matter what the cost. We're told Miyoki has already set up an appointment for later this week -- and the work is expected to run Diddy around a thousand bucks. (TMZ)

Following the incident, Jones addressed the fire's aftermath.

Celebrity gossip and news site,, recently caught up with Miyoki Jones in NYC as she was exiting a Starbucks restaurant. The model told them about what happened, saying she was a paid model hired to do a party for the Diddy-Dirty Money "Last Train to Paris" album. She said there were a lot of candles around and all of a sudden her hair caught on fire. Miyoki said it was singer Trey Songz who told her that her hair was on fire. TMZ asked if Diddy called Miyoki and she said "he's very humble, and definitely reached out after" to make sure she was alright. Obviously Diddy doesn't want any bad publicity or even worse a lawsuit on his hands for this incident. Miyoki said all the damage to her hair is now hidden under a bun on top of her doo. She said "hopefully something good comes out of all this." If nothing else, Miyoki Jones is getting some publicity and exposure out of this whole thing. While it seems like a laughing matter, if she gets more work out of this, she'll be the one laughing all the way to the bank! (Gather)

Diddy also spoke on what occurred at his New York City party.

He's famously laid back. And it seems that even a model's hair catching fire at his party didn't phase P Diddy. And with his many millions in the bank, it's easy to see how he made her feel better. 'I definitely had to be nice to her,' he joked as he talked to Jimmy Kimmel last night. Luckily despite her accident, the model wasn't injured. 'She was a great sport. Nobody got hurt,' he said of model Miyoki Jones. And Diddy claims his party was so fun that even burnt Miyoki didn't want to leave. 'At a Diddy party, if something ain't broke, you gotta get back in the tub', Diddy bragged. (Daily Mail)

Party host Kevin Hart admitted that he found humor in the incident.

"That might have been the funniest thing I've ever, like, personally witnessed," Hart said in an interview with Angela Yee. "And I'ma tell y'all what y'all laughing at. See, y'all laughing at the wrong stuff. You laughing at the hair going on fire-- that's not the funniest part of the video. You watch the video again, okay? Lemme give you what's going on. It's me [Fabolous] and Trey [Songz], we all upstairs, you know, I'm doing the interview, right? You know we silly. Everybody's drinking; it's a good time, right? This is what I hear-- let me tell you how funny Trey is. Trey is in sexy mode all the time. This is how Trey said the girl hair was on fire, 'Yo, her hair is on fire.' Listen. Full flame! She got full flames in the back of her head. Trey didn't have a panic. [Laughs]" (Power 105.1)

Check out footage from the incident below:

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