News: Diddy Wants To Handle Chelsea, "I Will Pull Out My Schlong Right Now!" [Video]

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010 12:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy may be making a move at 50 Cent's rumored girlfriend/late night television host Chelsea Handler after appearing on her show last night.

Tensions initially grew high after Diddy arrived late to the taping, much to Handler's displeasure.

"It's interesting that you've been waiting to get here because I've been waiting for you for a f*cking hour," Handler told Diddy, who sat next to his Dirty Money groupmates, Kaleena and Dawn. "Thank-you ladies, by the way, for being on time. We appreciate it. And you, girlfriend, need to work your sh*t out." ("Chelsea Lately")

Diddy responded to Handler by offering her compliments and making sexual advances.

First, he came on to Chelsea -- offering himself up and complimenting her dress -- and then, when she called him "girl",  making an even steeper offer. "I'm not feeling this girl thing," he slurred, "I will pull out my schlong right now!" Handler handled it well, saying she felt that she gave him a look of fear when he was late -- and would like to do it again. Diddy then referenced "all the other black men that's trying to meet you," most likely a nod to Handler's rumored relationship with rapper 50 Cent. (Huffington Post)

Rumors claim the rap mogul may have been intoxicated during the taping.

Was Diddy drunk on the couch last night? This is how he put moves on Chelsea Handler last night on her show, a process that may reflect some strategies from the book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists: First he arrives late to her show and bypasses her when he walks in. He adjusts his voice to let her know how good it feels to see her face to face and then moves into a different inflection to tell Chelsea that women who wait get good things. Then, he takes off his sunglasses to compliment her dress, talks about how's he into Ibiza but not regular-type Ibiza, how much he loves love and compares himself to a woman. Finally, he makes a go to distinguish himself by insulting other black men (like her rumored boyfriend 50?) and telling Chelsea she would look good eating a cheeseburger. Did y'all take notes? This is how they do it in Harlem and Paris and some parts of Ibiza! If you're still there, there's also about twenty seconds about good sports Dawn and Kaleena and the Russian Grammys. (The FADER)

Last week, Handler and 50 Cent released multiple intimate photos of themselves together online.

Is she pranking her fans or is she fueling the flames of existingromance rumors? Talk show host Chelsea Handler has shared a photo with fans that shows her in a compromising position with rapper-actor-entrepreneur 50 Cent. The photo is on display on her WhoSay account and posted on social networking sites including Facebook. Though the photo is slightly blurry, it shows 50 Cent (whose birth name is Curtis Jackson) on top of Handler with the couple smiling and their eyes toward the camera. Handler's face is slightly obscured because she is kissing the rapper's left cheek. The photo caption reads, "I don't know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper." (MyFox News)

Check out Diddy & Dirty Money's "Chelsea Lately" appearance below:

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