News: Baby & Shyne's Cash Money Record Deal Loses Steam

Monday, Dec 6, 2010 9:40PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby has updated fans hoping to hear rapper Shyne release new music through his popular label, home to Bow Wow and Lil Wayne.

According to Baby, no concrete discussions or deals have been made.

"I spoke to Shyne once or twice," the New Orleans entrepreneur told XXL. "I don't really know his situation with Def Jam, but we didn't really have a chance to come around to the business part. But I got respect for what he's doin' and what he is tryna do. We haven't got around to do no business yet, but you never know." (XXL Mag)

Last October, Shyne spoke to SOHH and revealed his relationship with Baby spans over a decade.

"Me and Baby have had a longstanding relationship for over 10 years, since I've been out in the streets," Shyne added. "I've known him from way back then. We just kept that relationship. When I was in the pen, he got at me. When I got out the pen, he got at me. He's always been one of those O.G.'s that always stood tall and do what people from the block do. That's just what he does, he's just a good dude. So it's inevitable that we keep that connection." (SOHH)

Shyne also told SOHH he wanted to drop a project via Cash Money.

"I'm definitely trying to get with Cash Money but the Def Jam thing is a question mark right now," Shyne told SOHH. "I've been fixing to get up out of there for a while now because [Island Def Jam CEO] L.A. Reid don't care about hip-hop. The people up there, they don't know what they're doing. When you don't have a strong leader, where you gonna go? ... They don't care about hip-hop music. You give them a hip-hop record with an R&B singer, you "might" have a chance." (SOHH)

Over the summer, Shyne hinted at plans to possibly drop an album with Baby's company.

"I might do that. I'm not sure," Shyne said about possibly releasing an album on Cash Money. "We're still finishing the fine points and negotiating that. Maybe I'll come with something six months later, [maybe] every six months. I've got so much to say, you dig? I don't think I can answer all the questions on one album. So I definitely think we can put out two different albums on the same day at the end of the year, then come back with a third one or another double set six months later. Get all this sh*it off my chest." (MTV)

Check out some recent Shyne footage down below:

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