Columns: 5 Reasons You Should Buy "The Update": "Don't Buy The Album, Tell Your Friends To"

Saturday, Dec 18, 2010 12:29PM

Written by J.R. for SOHH

[With the new release of The Update, J.R. of hip-hop duo J.R. & PH7 give the top 5 reasons to cop their latest rap offering.]

1. All-Around Uses

I owe PH7 quite some money from playing FIFA on PlayStation some years ago. Since I still haven't been able to pay him back I persuaded him to do an album and told him it will get us a sh*tload of money. Unfortunately so far we just have a bunch of rappers running around with our money instead of the other way around. But seriously, you can help us and enjoy the extra uses of a CD like using it as frisbee, drink coaster, and wedge to make chairs even.

2. Priceless

A big reason you should buy the album is because it's going to be worth a lot and be rare in a couple of years. It'll be worth a lot since we bought 90 percent of the CDs ourselves to get our names up in the charts. Obviously that worked out big time. But hey, our Moms think we're cool.

3. Mind Works Wonders

I spent $100 in a club last weekend and can't remember anything. You can spend less than $10 and remember our names and music forever. We're pretty sure you'll like the music. And if not, just hit the club hating on us...

4. The Sound of Music

What else can you spend $14.98 on in 2010 other than a compact disc? But seriously if you like hard hitting drums, thick baselines and warm samples all mixed together this one is for you. We worked with a large variety of artists like Evidence, Elzhi, Sean Price, Termanology, Torae, Edo G, Oddisee, Rasco and many more. While they all have different styles, we tried to make it a cohesive project through the music, with interesting collaborations that you might not have expected. Plus, we try to get artists out of their comfort zone a little bit and have them perform on beats that you might not necessarily find on their own album but still fit perfectly. It's dope beats and rhymes, what else is there to say?

5. Show & Prove

Don't buy the album, tell your friends to buy it and then check out, no better swipe their copy. This way you can support the artists (aren't we all supposed to do that?) with money that comes from other people's pocket. You know, honestly I hate it when artists are whining like "please buy my album". I'd rather ask you to check out our album and then do whatever you wanna do. However, if you like our music of course any kind of support is much appreciated. Thanks!

You Decide. Will you purchase The Update?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Listen to tracks from the album below:

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