Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Cop "The Gift": "It's Giving The Realness & Dropping Jewels For The Youngsters"

Friday, Dec 24, 2010 8:50AM

Written by SOHH for Reek Da Villain

[With today's release of The Gift: The Mixtape Album, Reek Da Villain gives you 5 reasons to check out his latest offering.]

1. I Represent The Real Hip-Hop

The first reason you need to cop this is because it's real hip-hop. Real hip-hop to me is boom bap, beats that are hard. They don't even necessarily have to be too much bass. It's about the drum pattern and that certain sound. I'm talking about the origin, where it all started. I'm giving that origin feel on here and that would be like the late 80's and then there's a sample feel which feels like the early 90's. We have all of that on there. So look out for the boom bap and that soulful music on here.

2. G.O.O.D. Music

This is good music. I got a lot of songs on here people are going to like but I really want to say listen to this record called "One More." I really want everybody to check that out because "One More" is a nice hip-hop boom bap song but it's up to date. It's hip-hop but it's 2012 'ish. You got "One More" and I got another song called "Good Sh*t" with Missy Elliott. I have another record called "Promise Land" and that's crazy. It's giving the realness and dropping jewels for the youngsters out there.

3. Not Too Much, Not Too Less

The third reason you should get this is because it's well-balanced. It's not just one type of good music, this is really music for everybody. The project really molded itself into being well-balanced because when I'm in the studio, I go off what I'm feeling. If I'm in a party mode, then I'm going to make some party music. If I'm feeling conscience, then I'm going to be in a conscience state of mind then that'll reflect on my music. If I'm going through some hard times, then I'm going to talk about hard times.

4. Who Is Mr. Villain?

Another big reason why you should get this is because there's a lot of people out there wondering who Reek Da Villain is. Does he just do songs or does he do records? That's another reason, this is going to answer everyone's questions. The previous mixtapes and being under the guidance of Busta Rhymes I didn't really get to do too much feel good music. I love to do party records and not dancing music but music for the ladies. So the last mixtape was real hip-hop and lyricism. But this album right here, I got to explore some of my own creative freedom. So there's club records, conscience records, music for the ladies and other stuff other than your typical rap records.

5. Tis Thee Season

Christmas. This is the time to be in the holiday spirit and it's one of the most wonder times of the year. This is a time of the year when giving is better than receiving so I just want the public to allow me to give them this gift.

You Decide. Will you cop The Gift?

To download the new mixtape, just click here.

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