Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy "The Big Payback": "[I Know] What Really Came Between Dame Dash & Jay-Z"

Friday, Dec 10, 2010 6:45PM

Written by Dan Charnas for SOHH

[With the new release of the book The Big Payback, author Dan Charnas gives you the top 5 reasons to pick up his epic expose of the hip-hop industry.]

1. What Broke The Roc

You can read about what really came between Dame Dash and Jay-Z . I'll put it this way: It wasn't Aaliyah. But it was partly because Dame was doing a movie about him and Jay fighting over an Aaliyah-type love interest. Jay thought the movie idea was bizarre, creepy. Add to that Dame's moves to bring in Cam'Ron, and his firings of key Roc staff, and you have the seeds of the breakup, which I detail exclusively in the book.

2. Play This On Your Hot 97, Everyday That's My Word

You can read why New York's Hot 97 almost never became a hip-hop radio station Hot 97 is known not just in New York but around the world as the place "Where hip-hop lives." But did you know that Hot 97 almost didn't become a hip-hop station? There were huge battles waged internally, something that I devote an entire chapter to in "The Big Payback."

3. First Things First

You can read about how a failing soft drink was saved by hip-hop. Sprite was a bastard brand at Coca-Cola... with only a 3 percent share of the company's sales. But then a young marketing executive at Coca-Cola devised a campaign that harnessed the power of hip-hop, and turned Sprite into the fastest growing soft drink brand in the country. Can anyone say "Obey Your Thirst?"

4. Cash Money, No Money

You can read about how Lil Wayne got his record deal. Lil Wayne was the youngest member of the Cash Money crew. And Cash Money got their landmark deal with the help of a woman named Wendy Day. Day ran a organization called the Rap Coalition to help rappers and entrepreneurs get better deals. But after she did the work for Cash Money, Cash Money didn't give her any cash money. And that's when things got complicated...

5. Presidential Status

You can read about Barack Obama's connection to The Source magazine. It's a small little story in the book, but enlightening. Remember: The Source was being founded at Harvard at the very same time that our future president was attending law school there!

You Decide. Will you buy The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop?

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