Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy "Sorry I'm Late": "I Disagree W/ The Direction [Rap's] Been Going"

Friday, Dec 10, 2010 1:15PM

Written by SOHH for John Regan

[With the new release of Sorry I'm Late, Culture VI Records' John Regan gives the Top 5 reasons you should support his indie movement.]

1. True Hip-Hop

One definite reason you should go out and buy the album is because it's real hip-hop. It's not the stuff that's getting played and spun on the mainstream radio. It's something that pretty much sticks to the roots where the art form started. When I was coming up, I was an 80's baby, so the 90's is what really influenced me in hip-hop. It's where it really touched me and when I used to listen to it, I used to get a message that these people were going through similar struggles that I was going through and what I could relate to. It almost makes me feel like I could almost be them, like I could be that person. That's what I'm saying as far as taking it back to the roots and how emceeing was just one of the elements [as were] the graffiti and dancing. It's still there, the elements, but it just took a yield in a different direction.

2. Do It Right The First Time

When you listen to the majority of the album, a lot of the songs have a message. There's several different messages throughout the album, say for instance "Suicide Edicius." You may have somebody who's contemplating suicide and maybe thought about taking a step in that direction and you can listen to the song and take home what the message is and really help you along your way and maybe make you reconsider thinking about something like that. When you listen to the album, it's called Sorry I'm Late for a couple different reasons why. One of them was because I'm with Culture VI [label] and we released Elite, the [compilation] album in 2004. The reason why it took so long for [my solo album] was because my manager said he didn't think I was ready for an album yet. He said I should take my time before I jump into something so it would be right, because you only get one chance to release an album on time.

3. Indie Takeover

I think it's big to support an indie artist. For somebody that's trying to do their thing on a minimal budget, trying to feed his kids doing what he loves for hip-hop, that's big. I know there's a lot of people who can relate to that situation where you have to do your thing and support your family but you still have that love and passion for hip-hop. It's pretty much the situation that I'm in.

4. Rage Against The Machine

Another reason is it's big to kind of go against the machine as far as how the major labels are trying to take the albums in their direction and almost try to be their own artists now. They're using their name and what the artist has established to back their name because of the traditional label deals and what they are now are a lot different. Opposed to how the traditional deals used to be structured by labels, now they're going to the 360 deals and want their hands in every aspect of an artist's income. So as an independent artist, you can do your thing and avoid all of it. It's almost at a point where the labels really aren't the thing [to be a part of]. The indie artists, the ones that are touring, are the ones making a name for themselves and how they're making a living. As an independent artist myself, I admire that. In this business, you are your product and depending on how you push your product determines how it'll be received.

5. I Keep It Moving

The last big reason why you should go out and buy the album is just to keep hip-hop moving in a good direction. The genre itself is doing wonderful right now but I kind of disagree with the direction that it's been going in. The way it used to be and where it is now, I'm trying to take it back to where it was real and the music was genuine to when people were doing it because they had something to say as opposed to just wanting to say something and hopefully somebody would want to listen to them.

You Decide. Will you purchase Sorry I'm Late?

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