Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy "Politics As Usual": "At 19, I Was Rapping About Diamonds On My Boogers"

Monday, Dec 20, 2010 1:40PM

Written by SOHH for Paul Wall

[With the new release of Politics As Usual, Paul Wall grills out his Top 5 reasons you should support the people's champ.]

1. 360 Degrees Of Funk

This album is a must-have because it's not just about Houston, it's all-together great. It's Texas hip-hop but also, you're going to listen to the album and really hear some good music. There's some good features on there from people around the country. Most importantly, the music all around is good. The beats are banging, the features are top notch, and my caliber of rhymes on here are really top of the line.

2. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Most of all the music we recorded this year. Some of it is freestyles, some are songs I did with other people. A lot of this project is based on features I've done with other people and things that they've given me. Sometimes you end up doing a song with somebody and it doesn't come out until six months later.

3. Peek-A-Boo

You really need to hear the album because we got some good sneak peeks in here. A lot of the collaborations throughout the project are pretty much sneak-peek types of stuff. Michael Watts is the deejay who put it all together and me and him have been doing it since 1998, 1999. We have a really good feel for each other and vibe off each other well. I just let him do his thing, the way he blends songs together and his freeystyles. He requested some things from me like freestyles and I pretty much gave him a lot of music, a few songs from an album I might put out in 2011 and some of my favorites from my album Heart of a Champion which came out last July. So any kind of requests, I just gave it all to them so.

4. A Change Gon' Come

The fourth biggest reason why you need to get this is because it's the champ, Paul Wall and I'm on here doing my thing. You all are going to hear me at my all-time best. No swagging, no BS'ing. It's me at my best. I've grown a lot so you're going to hear maturity. On the project, you'll hear the growth in my material. At 19, I was rapping about having diamonds on my boogers and stuff like that; this is a bit more mature. That was like 1999, I've grown from then. This is a change for the better.

5. Swish, It's Good

The last reason why you should get this is because we're all on here from Swishahouse. And everyone here on this project represents Texas to the fullest. When you listen to this album, you're going to hear some good Texas hip-hop. I want to make sure you guys check out C. Stone on the album. He freestyled a few songs on there and he's on other tracks with me.

You Decide. Will you purchase Politics As Usual?

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