Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy "Get Used To Us": "I'm Tired Of That Age [Restriction], Either The Music Is Banging Or Not""

Tuesday, Dec 7, 2010 4:30PM

Written by SOHH for DJ Premier

[With today's release of Get Used To Us, DJ Premier spins out the Top 5 reasons you need to support his movement.]

1. I Can Make You A Star

I've always prided myself in being somebody you could trust with the delivery of anything. Group Home is probably one of the best examples of that because we all know they were not that lyrical but with my coaching and putting together one of the most difficult albums I've done in my career, and because of the lack of ability, which I'm not trying to denounce them because they're my homies, fans were like, "You gave them the illest beats." But hey, that was Guru's artists, they wanted to put out an album and I said, "Hey, let me do it because if I do it, it's gonna come out right." It's still one of my classic bodies of work.

2. We Both Think Alike

A big reason I stand behind this project is because I think like a consumer. As a consumer, with anything that comes from me that I give out to people, it has to have that type of care to what you're spending your money on. There's a lot of artists who go on tour and sell their merchandise and I have really been big on quality merchandise. You can wash my merchandise shirts 20 times and they'll still come out the same way. Quality is still good. I've seen platinum artists, gone to their concerts, got one of those shirts, feel it and think, "Yo, this sh*t is cheap and they're charging 40 bucks." I could make cheap shirts too and know fans are gonna buy it just based on what the artwork says but I don't want to short change the buyer. I make everything with quality. I like to make the best.

3. Audio Foreplay

This project is a little teaser of what we're going to be coming with next year and then on top of that, vintage artists like KRS-One or Lady of Rage, a lot of people won't f*ck with them because they think they're too old. I'm tired of that age thing because either the music is banging or not. And on top of that, I want to hear somebody rap about something that I can relate to as an adult. Anything that came out in my era, I can relate to because I came up with them. A lot of these younger rappers' content I can't get with because it's too childish for me to enjoy. I still study them and peep what they're doing to see what type of service or disservice they're doing to hip-hop though.

4. I Break People

I'm really excited about this album dropping but I'm also just excited about anything I put out. Even when I'm on the radio on Fridays, "Live From Headquarters," I get so excited about breaking new heat and records that people need to hear. There's so much more in hip-hop and for everyone to get a chance to let me introduce them gets me excited.

5. Freedom Of Expression

For the album, I didn't have to give the artists direction. For example, KRS-One has done a lot of albums and "Return of the Boom Bap" is considered a classic so for him to do "The Return of the Boom Bip," you know it's just going to be more of that new flavor heading into 2011. And then when you got artists like Game and Busta Rhymes and Kanye West reaching out to get involved in everything I'm doing, it's a great look at the flavor I'm still able to give.

You Decide. Will you buy Get Used To Us?

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