Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy "Donnie G": "I've Been Here For Over 10 Years In This Rap Game"

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2010 2:30PM

Written by SOHH for Sheek Louch

[With today's release of Donnie G: Don Gorilla, Sheek Louch names the Top 5 reasons to cop his Def Jam debut LP.]

1. It's Me, Snitches

The biggest reason you need this album is because it's me. I've been here for over ten years in this rap game and [I'm] delivering that hot fire to you consecutively. Non-stop. This is good music that you have to get. You think you know the dude but I'm showing you even more of my skills and taking it to a different level musically with my pen.

2. I'm A Grown Man

The second big reason is because if you've been following my career for the longest, this record right here shows all kinds of growth from all my projects. I have grown as a man and that's first and foremost. I've gone through stuff in life with myself, my family, my son and really showing and teaching him new sh*t. So that reflects on anything you do. With your lyrics and all that. So that just poured out on the paper. As an artist, I'm not afraid to do them records like "Good Love" and not being afraid to get with a producer because I'm used to a certain sound.

3. Hood Stripes

My next reason is because if you're from the hood, I'm gonna deliver that to you. I got monster anthems on here for you. I got this record called "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" with the LOX that's produced by Red Spyda, and I got another joint called "Ready For War." I'm definitely still talking that sh*t. I got a record called "Make Some Noise" with Fabolous and it's hard. Check for that. I got a record with Statik Selektah too. "After Party" with me and Jeremih is the lead-off single too.

4. Party & Bullsh*t

If you like smoking or working out, that's what you're gonna be wanting to do even more with this album. When I get into the studio, I gotta get right with my liquor, my weed and if you ever been to D-Block's studio, we got pull-up bars and sh*t everywhere. That's just keeping that heart pumping and going hard while we're in there.

5. This Is Why I'm Hot

This album has some of your favorite artists on there with me. If you love and want to hear me and Fabolous together or if you want to hear the LOX together, you'll get that on there too. And the chicks, I can't leave them out there either, you got all them records on there for them as well. So overall I think this is good music. I really wanted to work with everybody, especially coming over to Def Jam for the album. They got a lot of people over here that I wanted to get with. I wanted Big Boi on another joint but he said he was doing something at the time. He said he'd still get at me for the remix though. I tried to [work] with everyone hands on.

You Decide. Will you buy Donnie G?

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