Guest Star: "What I Told Kanye West Personally & What I'll Tell The World Is That This Is About Him"

Sunday, Nov 21, 2010 5:10PM

Written by SOHH for RZA

[With Kanye West's much-anticipated comeback nearing fruition, "So Appalled" collaborator RZA recalls contributing to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.]

Somebody asked me some years ago, 'how can you say Wu-Tang is forever?' And I said, 'well, you see that energy we put out still reflects out on others and that means it grows'. It doesn't mean that the Wu-Tang Clan's gotta be there forever. It could be a hundred years from now and somebody could pick up a Wu-Tang CD and get inspired and make their own sound to [demonstrates] it still exists.

 I try to connect with whoever I work with if possible, but with [Kanye West], I took a special interest in connecting [with him] not only musically but just as man to man. Especially knowing the path that we travel in hip-hop. When you know you're older than the next brother, you already got footsteps [he's currently walking] and sometimes it's best to share that wisdom.

A lot of us don't share that wisdom. We all look at each other, watch each other fall, and try to get further and further away, like that whole black on "black" thing. I told Kanye personally and what I'll tell the world is that it's about him, it's not about me.

What made me come out to Hawaii when he invited me wasn't really about making music. I wanted to go and build with a brother and share [my knowledge]. I thought I might be able to share some things that he's not really heard from around other people he's been around. The secrets we keep from each other and try to stay secluded from each other because we're like crabs in a barrel, everybody's trying to get out and so we keep pushing each other down some times.

So I wanted to break that kind of cycle and it's not an easy thing even for me to do. Everybody loves being called "the best" or "the greatest", so sometimes you gotta put that to the side and let the next generation come and represent. That's what I felt I had to do, so I went out there and said,"Whatever your need, I'm here and I don't think you need music because you're considered one of the top producers in the world, but at the same time, I'm going to help provide you whatever you need to make your vision come alive because it's 'your' vision."

I love listening to the song he rocks [where he says], "I fantasized about this back in Chicago," and it's his mind brought back to reality. And that's the same thing I did with the Wu-Tang Clan [when] people were trying to stop and block [us] from being what it [was], and I just kept pushing, bringing my ideas to reality.

RZA is one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan and a renowned producer/rapper. The music veteran was recruited by Kanye West to work on his new album and contribute to multiple G.O.O.D. Music Friday releases.

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