Guest Star: "I Wanted To Show That Styles P's Not On The Corners, He's A Grown Dude"

Saturday, Nov 27, 2010 6:00AM

Written by SOHH for Mike Schreiber

[Flashing Lights: Renowned photographer Mike Schreiber shares his experience ditching the glamour to portray mature version of Styles P. for a VIBE photo shoot.]

[When I begin shoots], I don't set up lights or do anything fancy. I typically don't ask and love to just start shooting. One of my most memorable experiences [as a photographer] was when I ended up going grocery shopping with Styles P. I was shooting Styles for VIBE sometime last year in 2009, and you can tell by my pictures that I like to get the realness of things. I've shot Styles a couple times before, so I went to his house up in Westchester [where] he lives with his wife and kids. I wanted to show he's a grown dude. He's not on the corners, he's not some crazy thug. Maybe he used to be but he isn't anymore.

He's a family man. One of the things his wife wanted him to do was clean the pool, so I took some shots of that and then they were like, "we have to go food shopping" and I said, "cool, I'll come with you." So I took some shots like him with eating a tuna fish sandwich, stuff that everybody does. That was my whole intention of my time with Styles.

My goal was to show that Styles P is a dope emcee but he's also a grown dude who eats lunch, buys groceries and cleans the pool. He's just a cool guy and I learned that he [actually] eats organic food. We went grocery shopping up around Westchester and then we headed down to his juice spot in Harlem. Those photos didn't get published.

Everything was cool overall. He wasn't trying to put on any sort of fake front about his life..

Check out some of Mike Schreiber's work below:


Biz Markie

Fat Joe

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