News: Soulja Boy Turns His Hustle On, "I Try To Be A Trendsetter In Hip-Hop"

Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010 9:20PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Southern rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em recently spoke on maturing in hip-hop and how his sound has grown since hitting the music scene in 2007.

For Soulja Boy, working alongside rap stars has helped enhance his writing skills.

"I was in the studio with Kanye [West] and [Kid] Cudi, in New York, I was in the studio with 50 [Cent] out in Cali, I was in the studio with studio with Snoop [Dogg], I worked with Boi-1da and he came through and dropped like 75 beats on my hard drive. I was writing through my whole process, I was using a perspective, and I was writing on a Boi-1da beat and I just really sat there and thought about how I wanted my listeners to view that 'Speakers Goin Hammer' [which] is a single that he produced and it's crazy because I just shot a video like two weeks ago in Cali and I saw a edit, like rough cut from that so, I think that is going to be dope." (All Hip Hop)

He also said having a non-stop work ethic has kept him on his toes.

"I try to stay on top of my game and be a trendsetter in hip-hop, you know what I mean? For me, today I woke up on the tour bus, I hopped up out the bed on the tour bus, I got fresh threw my clothes on, got my shoes together, I had to do an early morning radio show, I had to do meet and greets with DJ's, take pictures with the fans and I was just really promoting my new music." (All Hip Hop)

The rapper recently talked about wanting to win an award for his music.

In XXL's November 2010 issue, on stands now, SB tells us he has grown as an MC. "I can't keep playin' around, because if you keep playin' around, people are gonna think you're a joke," he said in the piece, written by contributor Matt Barone. "At some point, you have to get serious." But don't get it twisted, Soulja doesn't wanna be the next Lupe Fiasco. "I don't want to be super-Lupe-Fiasco-lyrical and n*ggas don't know what the f*ck I'm talking about," he added. "I want to be the best," he continued. "I want to be recognized in that category where I'm nominated for Best Rapper with Jay-Z and Kanye and Wayne. I wanna get a Grammy. I want Best Rap Album of the Year... I've made millions of dollars off of doing my style, but, hey, I can rap, too." (XXL Mag)

The rapper's new DeAndre Way album artwork leaked online last September.

A tatted Soulja Boy keeps his neck froze on the cover of The DeAndre Way, his third studio album, due Nov. 30. The 20-year-old rapper has already served up three singles including "Pretty Boy Swag," the Bei Maejor-assisted "Blowing Me Kisses," and trunk rattler "Speakers Going Hammer." Aside from the blue and orange color schemes, both covers ultimately share the same look and also give fans an up-close-and-personal look at the rapper's neck/face tattoos. (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent Soulja Boy Tell Em interview down below:

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