Columns: SOHH How We Livin': Jay-Z's "The Hits Collection" Listening Party

Friday, Nov 5, 2010 2:55PM

Written by SOHH Breezy

Wassup, y'all! Your lady SOHH Breezy, here, checking in weekly to give you photographic view on the life of a SOHH editor, whether I'm at an event, or kickin' it around the office with the rest of the crew. Today, I'm giving you the real deal behind Jay-Z's "The Hits Collection" listening party last Wednesday, with pics I snapped with the brand-spanking-new-to-the-market Kodak EasyShare camera!

Yes, you heard right: the Jiggaman is releasing a Greatest Hits' album. Shoot, why not, the man has a wide enough discography for it. The celebration was held at The Samsung Experience, located at The Shops at Columbus Circle in New York City (how fitting, doesn't Jay own an apartment near there?)

However, this was an event unlike no other I'd previously been to. There was no free merch, no alcohol (can we say Tropicana juice and ginger ale, anyone?)...

Jay-Z Greatest Hits Album Party-1

....Guess what else they didn't have... no Hov. (surprise, surprise).

Instead, NYC hip-hop personality Miss Info came through to briefly detail what Jay faves listeners could expect on the album, hits such as "Big Pimpin'", "Show 'Em What You Got", "Roc Boys", and more.

Jay-Z Greatest Hits Album Party-6

This spread was so embarrassing, I had to show it to y'all again. Yes, yes, y'all, that is correct, you're looking at cheese, and I don't mean money.

Jay-Z Greatest Hits Album Party-2

There was a highlight to my night, though. I ran into up-and-coming NYC DJ, Leecy T, at the event. Check for her, y'all-- her scratches are ill!

Jay-Z Greatest Hits Album Party-3

Hola, Hovito! This Jay-Z album cover was projected onto a revolving flat screen that Samsung had for sale... too bad I didn't catch the price, but if y'all ever want to bless ya girl with a Christmas gift...

Jay-Z Greatest Hits Album Party-4

Peep next week's SOHH How We Livin': you never know where we're gonna hit up next!

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