News: Saigon Denies Jabbing Drake, "I'm Seeing A Bunch Of B.S. About Me Dissing The Homie" [Video]

Wednesday, Nov 17, 2010 8:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Saigon has stepped forward to clarify recent remarks he made referencing Drake's overnight stardom and denied trying to quietly diss the Young Money star.

According to Sai, he shares a close relationship with Drizzy's manager, Gee Roberson.

"I got some down time and got a chance to look at the Internet and I'm seeing a bunch of B.S. about me dissing the homie Drake which is outlandish, outlandishly stupid, first of all," Sai said in a self-recorded video. "Whoever's putting it out there like that, I don't know know why but let me set the record straight. First of all, shout-out to [Drake's manager] Gee Roberson. Gee Roberson is like my family. It's not no industry friends, these are the guys that put me in the game. These are the dudes who took me off the street, put me in a house, nice cars, fed my daughter and all this stuff. This is my family, so when you guys go out there and create this bad, negative energy, and make-up stuff to stir up controversy, you really mess up a lot of things." (On Smash)

The "Yard Father" also said his published comments about Drake were taken out of context.

"Behind the scenes, Gee was trying to hook me up with Drake to get this song done but my man was just too expensive for us," Sai added. "We couldn't afford him, right now, as of today. So, all that 'Saigon Dissing Drake,' we know it's bogus, but for them to have to wake-up and have to see that because of irresponsibility, somebody took a line out of an interview where I was being opinionated about, when an artist blows up very quickly, we weren't even talking about Drake, we were talking about Nicki [Minaj], and we're talking about how dope all of them are, but it's dangerous when you blow up too, too quick. When you at the top, there's nothing past the top. There's no where to go but down when you're at the top so you got to keep re-inventing yourself and that's what the whole conversation was about. Nobody was hating on Drake." (On Smash)

Last week, Sai spoke on Drake becoming more predictable with his music.

"And no disrespect. I love Drake, but I don't think too many people are really anticipating his next album like crazy. Like, you almost know what you're gonna expect from him: the love songs, singing. He makes great music, but you never know with those guys. The thing is, [Lil] Wayne is the Madonna of rap. He reinvents himself every two years, that's why Wayne's been around for so long. People be thinking he's a new artist a lot. Wayne is a vet. Wayne got like 14 years in the game." (VIBE)

Since its release last June, Drake's Thank Me Later debut has sold over a million copies.

Young Money star Drake's Thank Me Later moved up two notches to No. 41 with 9,300. With 20 weeks in the books, Drizzy's debut stands at 1,142,600 sold copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Saigon's video below:

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