News: Roxanne Shante Speechless Over Nicki Minaj's "Revenge" Diss, "[Lil Kim] Could Come Back"

Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010 9:51PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Hip-Hop pioneer Roxanne Shante has shared her reaction to Nicki Minaj's newly leaked record, "Roman's Revenge" and compared it to her 1984 hit, "Roxanne's Revenge."

Although she is not certain if Minaj found inspiration from her rap classic, Shante analyzed the song's overall hard-hitting delivery.

"If she named it 'Roman's Revenge' after 'Roxanne's Revenge', then I'm honored. Job very well done," Shante said in an interview. "[Nicki's] record was to prove a point, but I was never afraid to say names. Not saying that she's afraid, but I always wanted people to know who I was talking about...The similarities are she just doesn't care. Like, [Lil Kim], this is what I'm saying about you, now what you gonna do? Being a battle rapper that was totally respected by my male counterparts, I understand where she's coming from. No one can tell the future. [Lil' Kim] could come back with something that blows everyone's mind. Or, she could come back with something and blow her own mind." (VIBE)

Shante's "Revenge" record was released in 1984 and represented one of her hardest diss tracks to date.

In the wake of UTFO's "Roxanne, Roxanne," dozens of rappers (some estimates put the total closer to one hundred) released answer records to the single about a girl too arrogant to give the rappers the time of day. "Roxanne's Revenge" by Roxanne Shanté became the definitive answer record, not just for that song but for all of hip-hop. According to legend, Shanté recorded the single not for feminist reasons, but because a group of promoter friends of hers were stood up by UTFO for a gig. She also joined the Juice Crew, organized by super-producer Marley Marl and also including MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie among others. (All Music)

The record landed online over the Halloween weekend.

Minaj has finally responded to the ongoing disses from Lil Kim. Now after months of keeping quiet, what's Nicki's response? Lil Kim's a has-been. On her new track "Roman's Revenge" featuring Eminem Nicki sends not so subliminal disses towards Kim saying, "Look at my show footage all these girls be spazzin, so what the f*ck I look like getting back to a has-been. Yeah I said it, HAS-BEEEN. Hang it up, FLAT SCREEN. PLASMA... I'm a bad b*tch...I'm a cunt and I'll kick that h*e...PUNT...You need a job this ain't cutting it, Nicki Minaj is who you ain't f*cking wit." (Hip Hop Wired)

Minaj also hit up Twitter to tell fans the record was currently available.


Last summer, Lil Kim said Minaj needed to pay homage to her.

"Here's my thing, all females that come in the game, we all need to stick together and I always try my best to embrace them but what happens is when you come into the game and realize that I'm not going away and my fans are still here and they can't just step over me. They can't just step on me and then they're kinda like, they get upset and then they don't want to be my friend anymore and I think that's really childish, you know what I'm saying? It's stupid because all I ask for is to be respected -- pay homage at the end of the day, a lot of things go on behind the scenes that people don't know about and it will be aired out. You can't hide the truth -- when I came out to do this promo tour, it was a reminder of where it came from because if you're gonna swagger jack somebody and take their style, at least pay the respect and the homage..." (Kendra G)

Check out both records below:

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