News: Rihanna & Chris Brown Break Silence On 2009 Incident, "People Won't Stop Asking About It!"

Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010 9:45PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna and Chris Brown have publicly broken silence on their publicized 2009 assault case and have asked fans to move on.

In her tweets, Rihanna revealed how frustrated she was to still be asked about what happened over a year ago.

Chris Brown and Rihanna have moved on from their rocky relationship, and the two singers took to Twitter over the weekend to urge their fans and the media to get onboard. The messages started when a fan of Rihanna's asked the singer to avoid speaking about her relationship with Brown, which ended in February 2009 after Brown assaulted Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy Awards. Rihanna was more than open to responding to the inquiry. "AGREED! People won't stop asking about it! It's f---in' annoying! Nobody wants to relive that, but some ppl can't respect that!" she wrote. "I get it," Rihanna continued in her next message. "They wanna raise awareness to young girls! But it ends up just making me look bitter, pitiful, spiteful and angry!" (MTV)

Brown also hit up Twitter and asked fans to move forward.

Chris took to his Twitter and told both "Team Breezy" and "Rihanna Navy" to move on. "Y'all starting to sound extremely childish! #teambreezy and #rihannanavy It's pointless," Chris Tweeted. "Love team breezy & thank you rihannanavy for supporting ya girl." (OK! Magazine)

Last April, Rihanna publicly revealed being in a new relationship with Major League Baseball star Matt Kemp.

"He's my boyfriend," Rihanna revealed when asked about her relationship with the Los Angeles Dodger player. "It's new and it's fun. And it's nothing too serious, I don't want anything that's gonna take up so much of my energy and my time in a bad way, I just want to have fun and that's what it's about." ("On Air With Ryan")

Speaking with reporter Diane Sawyer last year, RiRi broke down how her February 2009 fight with Brown was allegedly sparked from a text message.

According to Rihanna, the fight started as they were driving away from a pre-Grammy Awards party and Brown received a text message from another woman. "I caught him in a lie, and he wouldn't tell the truth. And I wouldn't drop it," the singer told Diane Sawyer. "I couldn't take that he kept lying to me, and he couldn't take that I wouldn't drop it. It escalated into him being violent towards me. And it was ugly." (New York Daily News)

Check out some recent footage of Rihanna down below:

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