News: Nicki Minaj Battles Titty Mania, "Girls Actually Throw Their Boobs [In] My Face Now" [Video]

Friday, Nov 5, 2010 11:20AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj recently discussed her lady fans' infatuation with getting their breasts branded with her penmanship and how it is vital to always carry pink markers wherever she goes.

Recalling some memorable breasts signings, Minaj admitted she is shocked at how many women are requesting cleavage signatures.

"I have to have pink markers so I can sign lots of boobs," Minaj said in an interview when asked what some of her must-have's were. "Whether I perform or not, I always sign boobs. Girls actually throw their boobs at my face now. It's crazy. Like, yesterday when we were in Miami, last night, Baby and Mack Maine were just looking at me like, 'Is this for real?' Girls are jumping over, they don't even care. The security be like man handling them. I be feeling so bad but they're like, 'Sign my boobs!' and they're up there climbing on the banister and just pulling their boobs out. [laughs] The girls are rock stars. I do feel this is a rock star era." (Power 106 KMEL)

Earlier this year, Minaj talked about how being a lady emcee allows her more artistic freedom than male artists.

"I have a lot of freedom to be crazy. I can rap in a London accent, make weird faces, wear spandex, wigs, and black lipstick," Minaj explained in an interview. "I can be more creative than the average male rapper. And I can show my boobs. Guys can't do that." (Details)

Around February, Minaj discussed her Barbie movement and the popularity of boob signings.

"I wish I could fricking remember the first boob that I signed. I don't know why I did it, but now I can't go anywhere and not do it. People come up to me wherever I am, girls, sexy girls, like, 'Can you sign my boob?' I mean, n*ggas in the club look at me like I'm a pimp. They like, Whaaat? Cause they be fly chicks. I don't know, but I do know it's a great thing." (The FADER)

Aside from signatures, Minaj is currently preparing for the November 22nd debut release of Pink Friday, which recently had its tracklisting revealed.

1. I'm The Best 2. Roman's Revenge (feat. Eminem) 3. Did It On'em 4. Right Thru Me 5. Fly 6. Save Me 7. Moment 4 Life 8. Here I Am 9. Dear Old Nicki 10. Your Love 11. Blow Ya Mind (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) (Pink Friday)

Check out Nicki Minaj's interview below:

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