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Monday, Nov 22, 2010 9:55PM

Written by Jesse Prince

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  • Pink Friday
  • Nicki Minaj
  • November 22, 2010
Kik Axe Music 2.5/5
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Music Over Gunz 7/10
Day And A Dream 5.5/10

Young Money's first lady Nicki Minaj has released her much-anticipated debut album Pink Friday today.

After more than a year of dropping mixtapes and guest appearances, Minaj aims to differentiate herself from other female lyricists with her solo LP.

The answer to the mystery is quite simply that, no, this is not the crazy MC Nicki some of us fell for on tapes like Beam Me Up, Scotty, but rather an aspiring pop icon. Is there necessarily something wrong with that? Minaj seems to take herself relatively seriously as a woman: despite the shots delivered back and forth, she's no Lil Kim, or, for that matter, Foxy Brown. Those women, along with many of the few successful female MC's in history are sex toys, presenting little more in their music than placating, sensual noise. Mind you, Nicki's no Lauryn Hill either: she does the sexy thing, but when she drops a line it isn't subjecting herself to anyone, it comes across as more, "I do whatever the fuck I want, and you happen to be that tonight." It's the kind of female empowerment bitties nationwide salivate over, positioning Nicki as a bizarre feminist icon. (OneThirtyBPM)

Pink Friday features Minaj trading bars and verses with prominent stars from the hip-hop and pop worlds.

"Check It Out" which features Black Eyed Peas front man, Will.I.Am is a daring pop crossover attempt. This album is also chop full of A-list guest appearances. Rihanna, Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, Will.I.Am and Natasha Beddingfield all make a cameo on Nicki Minaj's debut solo effort. (BallerAlert)

Minaj recruited some of hip-hop's popular producers to think pink for her album.

The production (including Swizz Beatz and is quirky, sampling Simple Minds on Blazin (featuring Kanye West) - before Natasha Bedingfield surreally appears on Last Chance. (

The album's lead single, "Your Love" exemplifies the LP's pop influences.

This track has been out for a while now and for some reason it never gets old. No matter what party I go to, this song is playing. The heavy bass track is just crazy! Minaj kills the beat and really exemplifies her versatility as a musician. This song should be played on the loudest sound setting possible. The track itself is pretty "girly" but I still enjoy rocking to it. If you haven't heard it yet, then you need to buy the album and give it a listen! (The GoodLife Reviews)

While Minaj's singles have been complimented by critics, Pink Friday has left listeners in doubt of the Queens rapper's lyrical dexterity.

Aside from the Lil' Kim diss record, "Roman's Revenge," the album is a huge disappointment that lacks everything people really enjoyed about the Queens rapstress. Where's the rah-rah-rah in-your-face lyricist that commands the attention of any crowd? After the third track, "Did It On 'Em," the whole album goes south. (MFEENZ)

Being from a roster of Young Money artist like Lil Wayne, who's last album I Am Not A Human Being made it to #1 on the Billboard charts and included the kind of tracks that many have grown to love from such an artist, one would think Nicki would have delivered a much better album. Not that the entire CD is bad, but as a fan, I had to ask myself, 'Did I wait this long for this s***?' (Harrisburg Examiner)

To purchase Pink Friday, just click here.

Preview music from Pink Friday below:

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