Guest Star: "Kanye West Reached Out To The Legends In The Hip-Hop World, [&] There Were No Egos Whatsoever"

Monday, Nov 15, 2010 12:50PM

Written by SOHH for S1

[With Kanye West's much-anticipated comeback nearing fruition, "Power" producer S1 recalls the Grammy-winner working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.]

First of all, with Kanye West, you already know the foundation. He's reached out to the legends in the hip-hop world as far as producers are concerned with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. You've got Pete Rock, you've got DJ Premier, you've got RZA, you've got No I.D. You have these producers that give you their all and maximize the sound of hip-hop. So that's the foundation and as far as sound-wise, it's back to beats and rhymes for Kanye.

This album is great beats and taking that foundation of what hip-hop is and just expanding it, still building music around it whereas it's the hip-hop beat and it's taken to a whole 'nother level.

I think as an artist, you evolve. Once you reach a certain level of creativity or a certain level of greatness, then that's already been done. It's time for you to move on to something else, so I feel that played a big role on Kanye. Each album progresses and everything is about progressing. It's a work in-progress so I think when you get to a certain level, you get to a point where [you think], "OK, that's been done so it's time to do something new."

My most memorable moment through all of this would probably be being in the studio with Kanye, he's on the ASR, Nicki Minaj is right behind me on the couch writing lyrics, [and] Rick Ross is right in there with us, the music on blast. That was the most memorable because it was like, "Man, this is crazy." To be in there with such talented individuals, talented and creative artists, it was mind blowing and to see how they work. Everybody was in there just trying to make the best music they could possibly make or giving their best efforts.

The biggest part that put me in a mind state [when I realized] this was awesome is that there was no egos. There was no egos whatsoever. [The album] was a big team effort. And that kind of just changed my whole perspective on everything because everybody was just moving in the same direction.

Symbolyc One is a Dallas-based producer who has most recently taken over the airwaves courtesy of his "Power" Kanye West record. He is currently collaborating on G.O.O.D. Music artists Big Sean and Pusha T's new projects.

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