Caption Diss: Jay-Z Gives Beyonce The Gas Face Or Camel Frown?

Tuesday, Nov 16, 2010 12:40PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

For Caption Diss, the good ol' folks at SOHH are back at it giving y'all, the loyal doggies, a chance to capture the final word(s). The "Best We've Ever Read" headline gets to rock that Cap Diss crown for a week. Who run it?

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LMFAO. Doggies, I swear, Jay-Z is my favorite of all-time and I'm glad that he's settled down but is it me or do y'all think he should have been like Diddy and remained a bachelor? Guess he DOES have the baddest chick in the game wearing his chain, but maybe 5-0 Cent had a point once upon a time ago, is Jay-Z really Mr. Knowles? I know Jay is happy about Jay Electronica, but y'all gotta wonder what's going on in this doggy's dome piece? HHmmmm......

LMFAO. Aight, this sh*t was definitely an UPGRADE from last week's winner. Congrats goes out to @Chrizo205 for that funny a** diss. I won't even lie doggies, that Cap Diss pic from last week was hard as h*ll! Some pics are just difficult to get a grasp on b/c they're funny to look at but just not tag with a diss. LOL. F*ck it, good job @Chrizo and let us know if you can spot somebody a leak of that Twista album. Lucky b*stard.


^ Aight doggies, no contest this week. SMFH. But I'm working on getting the people over in Soulja Boy Tell Em's camp to toss up a free CD as a prize, yeah, wack as h*ll but I'll take it. X-Mas is coming faster than you think. Go all the way IN on Jay-Z/Beyonce and like always, doggies, y'all know the routine, think 'em, diss 'em, ink 'em adn submit 'em into the comments section by Monday, November 22nd.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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