Cassidy, "C.A.S.H."

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The Score: Cassidy, "C.A.S.H."

Wednesday, Nov 17, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Jesse Prince

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  • C.A.S.H.
  • Cassidy
  • November 16, 2010
Hip Hop DX 3/5
Parle 4.5/5
As Is Hip-Hop 1.5/5
Nappy Afro 3/5

Philadelphia battle king Cassidy releases his fourth studio effort, C.A.S.H  (Cass A Straight Hustla).

It is his first album in three years, and the rapper aligned with new management to aid with the album's execution.

C.A.S.H. is Cassidy's first album released under his new label Kross Over Entertainment which is headed by NBA star Carmel Anthony. E1 Records will also help distribute the album. In a statement discussing why he choose Cassidy as the first artist to sign to his label Anthony said, "I'm glad to have an artist like Cassidy. Cassidy has been through so much and has a tremendous story to tell and I know people will like what he has to say." Cassidy's first three albums were released under producer Swizz Beatz label Full Surface Records. (TheUrbanTwist)

Quite a few notable artists grace Cassidy's album with their presence.

While Cass's lyrics are solid, they are also flawed especially when matched with cliché subject matter and ineffective topics. Such is the case on "Girl Like Her" (Featuring Mya), "Awww Shit" (Featuring Red Café), "She Addicted", and "All Day All Night" (Featuring Game). (Nappy Afro)

The album features many emerging producers, but also features Cassidy's dexterity behind the boards.

01. Face 2 Face (Produced By Bink) 02. Paper Up (Produced By Cassidy And Neyo Da Matrix)03. Monsta Muzik (Produced By Bink) 04. One Shot (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch) 05. All Day All Night Ft. Game (Produced By Cassidy And Neyo Da Matrix) 06. Girl Like Her Ft. Mya (Produced By Cassidy) 07. Drumma Bass (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch) 08. Hate Me Or Love Me (Produced By Cassidy And Top Notch) 09. High Off Life Ft. Junior Reid And Notch (Produced By Cassidy And Vinylz) 10. Awww S*** Ft. Red Cafe (Produced By Stoopid On Da Beat) 11. Imma G Boy Ft. Ar-Ab (Produced By Cassidy And Rulet Records) 12. She Addicted Ft. Nalia Boss (Produced By Cassidy) 13. Peace (Produced By Boi-1Da) 14. Music In My Blood (Produced By Cassidy) (ThisIs50)

The albums leads with the party single, "Paper Up".

If anything, new single, "Paper Up", is proof that the emcee's more determined to craft quality tunes and get money than ever before. Over the minimal but head-noddably catchy chopped-sample board work of Neo the Matrix, Cass brings us up to date on his hustle: "I'm tryin to build, still puttin' time in, I'm on the come-up but I'm still climbing..." In addition to dropping three positive-minded, punchline-laced verses, the artist tops the track off with some more-than-respectable sung vocals on the hook. (DJBooth)

While critics felt that C.A.S.H. was a decent effort, the LP lacked the hustler's spirit that initially won the industry over.

C.A.S.H., a Kross Over Entertainment (under the supervision of the NBA-famed Carmelo Anthony) release, stands as an underwhelming addition to Cassidy's discography. His listeners know he's a hustler, but now need to be reminded that he's still capable of being the emcee that he once was. (HipHopDX)

The most frustrating thing about Cassidy is that he has always exhibited the potential to have the big singles and be able to have the lyrics to hold down heavier subjects but he has never accomplished on either front for whatever reason. He also has given up on the pledge he took after getting out of jail and surviving his car crash to be more positive. Though on "Peace" it seems like he tries to justify how he can still thug on record or in the streets yet have some relationship with the lord. Overall, Cassidy has some decent beats but his lyrics have become more lackadaisical as he has progressed and this is a regression from his last album. (AsIsHipHop)

To purchase C.A.S.H., just click here.

Preview tracks from the album below:


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