News: Advertisement: Gain Is About One Thing - "Sniff-Tastically Amazing Scents"

Wednesday, Nov 24, 2010 7:00AM

Written by Gain for SOHH

Gain is about one thing - sniff-tastically amazing scents. The kind that make any pants happy pants, even your "fat pants".

We're also about how those super scents give life a little kick and light a smile under ya. So that's really two things, but who's counting? See, Gain likes to laugh at all the little stuff in life. Like that time you were swimming in the ocean and the waves pulled your shorts down. Or like your uncle Harold, when he thinks he's being funny, but he isn't, which is funny after all. So if you love incredible scents, and see the world the same particular way we do, you're invited to fan our page where we'll be sharing our love of life, scent and laundry. Sniff sniff...hooray!

With detergent, softener, and dryer sheets in sniff-eriffic scents like Original Fresh, Apple Mango Tango, Spring Lavender and Floral Fusion, your afternoon pick-me-up is a spin cycle away.

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