Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy "Return of the Devil's Son": "I'm Big L's Older Brother, I'll Make Sure It's Right"

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010 12:35PM

Written by SOHH for Donald Phinazee

[With today's release of Big L's posthumous Return of the Devil's Son, the late rapper's brother Donald Phinazee breaks down the Top 5 reasons you need to honor the emcee's legacy.]

1. No Bullsh*t Allowed

The main reason you need to go out and buy this record is because it's a long-awaited album. A lot of people put out a lot of B.S. about Big L and this right here is an original. This is an original project from the family and you all are going to be impressed and love it. You're gonna be impressed by all the joints you've never heard before. You're gonna love these joints that weren't put out there by knuckle heads, all these records that are unreleased.

2. Greater Expectations

Another big reason why you need to buy this album is because it's taken a long time. I wasn't here to do this album over the last few years and there were a lot of technical difficulties with this. I've spent a lot of time just trying to get everything together. I was gone for eight and half years, came home four years ago and I've been working on putting this together ever since. I've did more in these little four years than people did the whole time I was gone. I'm Big L's older brother, I will make sure it's right.

3. Hustle Hard

Some people want to just put stuff out there and I didn't do that. Believe me, this was a long process. We took our time with it. We didn't rush it. We took our time and made sure to make the album quality. I knew for sure we were not going to put out no B.S. from my little brother.

4. Class By Himself

You all need to go out and support the album because this is all love. My brother was in a place where a lot of dudes are at now that they shouldn't be but because he's not here, he's not there. The unreleased footage we have that we're putting out here, here and here is precious. His name and his words spoken on these joints just says it all. You all are going to be impressed, this is an official Big L album.

5. Legends of the Fall

This album is going to take my brother's legacy up another notch where he's supposed to be. Like I've already said, if he was here, he'd be easing up that notch easily. But now, he's not here and it's been a long time and a lot of people have waited for it. I'm trying to put him up there as best I can by each notch. I'm not a rapper, that was my little brother, and with this album having so much new material, this will get him up to where he should have supposed to have been.

You Decide. Will you purchase Big L's Return of the Devil's Son?

To purchase the new album, just click here.

Listen to tracks from the album below:

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