Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy My Record: "It's The Real Cassidy, [Not] A Cassidy Somebody [Tried] To Create"

Tuesday, Nov 16, 2010 1:20PM

Written by SOHH for Cassidy

[With today's release of C.A.S.H., Cassidy points out the Top 5 reasons why you should hustle on down to the record store and cop his new LP.]

1. Ask About Me, Ask About Me

The biggest reason you need to go out and buy this album is because it's the best of the year if not the decade. You should buy this because I executive produced it, I'm really lyrical, I'm bringing back the love of hip-hop, the features are incredible, I got a lot for you to nod your head to and think about. It's just an incredible project.

2. All-Me Everything

This time around, I'm in control of everything. I own my own production company now. I'm executive producing my own project, I'm responsible for picking out all the beats. I wrote 100 percent of the verses, I even wrote choruses to the R&B singers I got on the album. I just feel like I took a lot more of this project into my own hands and so it's the real Cassidy as opposed to a Cassidy that somebody else was trying to create.

3. Executive Decision

I wouldn't recommend every artist to executive produce their albums because it's a lot of responsibility, but at the end of the day, I was prepared for it. I've always wanted to do this and now that I got the opportunity to do it, it's a good look. It's hard to executive produce a project, especially your own, but I felt like I had the requirements and that's why this album came out so good. That was the whole purpose of me getting my own production company and executive producing the album, it was to prove to the world that I could make a hit record. I had platinum records and ring tones before, I felt like I could put a hit out there before but I felt a lot of other people were getting the credit for it. Whether it was Swizz Beatz, whether it was R. Kelly on the "Hotel" song, whether it was a whole bunch of features I used, I felt a lot of people were getting a lot of credit. But this time around, with me executive producing the project and putting everything together, if I get a hit record this time, I'm going to be able to take the credit for myself and get respect as an artist.

4. The Evolution Of Cassidy

I took a different lyrical approach this time around. On my first album, I called it Split Personality because I wanted the world to know that I was going to go in different directions. I was never going to stay in one lane or be the type of artist where you already knew what the record was going to sound like before you could hear it. I didn't want to be that type of artist and that's why I called it Split Personality. The last album, Barry Adrian Reese Story, I was in a different state of mind, recovering from my nearly fatal [2006 car accident]. I had amnesia for like three or four months, so it took me a few months to remember my raps and remember the direction I was trying to go in again, and I had just beat a murder case too. So I was just trying to recover from all that. When I did that album, I was mainly talking about my relationship with God and how I was able to make it through those things, how I was able to recover and do them things. That was my main focus. I wasn't really trying to get on the radio, [or] get my video played. Moral of the story, I wanted the world to know my story. Now I'm a new man, I'm back to being excited, happy and ready to make new music.

5. I Still Love H.E.R.

I'm still in love with hip-hop. I love hip-hop to death. It is changing a lot and I feel as if other people might not love it as much and they might just be focused on getting money and success. I don't feel people have as much love for hip-hop as they used to, but I still do. And that's the reason I'm doing this album, to encourage people to love hip-hop again. I want people to start being original, coming up with their own material and showing something that's never been done before, as opposed to just following the trends. Even record labels used to tell me, "This is how he did it. Oh, nobody has ever done it like this before." So what? I don't care if nobody ever done it before, that's the whole purpose of being a hip-hop artist. Just be original and go in your own direction and that's another reason why I went with my own production company. I don't feel you have to go and follow another artist. I don't feel like you have to follow the same game plan of every artist before you. I'm about putting things together and doing things that haven't been done before.

You Decide. Will you buy C.A.S.H.?

To purchase Cassidy's new album, just click here.

Listen to some tracks from the album below:

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