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Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010 3:35PM

Written by SOHH for Cee-Lo Green

[With this week's release of The Lady Killer, Cee-Lo Green lists the Top 5 reasons you should head out and cash-in on this new LP.]

1. Bridging The Gap

You should go out and buy this album because it's a sign for better days in music to come. I'm almost certain this will be an inspiration to so many others, to the industry and artists alike. I think I will be able to establish an optimism, a bridge between those two, artist and executive. It's taken that type of relationship between myself and my staff in order to commit to a project of this magnitude and risk this great. I think with this being successful, it will bring open mindedness to other projects so that's one of the reasons I think people should go out and buy this album simply because it's going to give way to other artists. It will really shape and move things into the right direction.

2. Back To The Future

I believe each particular endeavor I've done is incomparable so I don't believe this album could be compared to anything I've done prior. This is showing the future. I have not even begun to think about what is to come and what will happen. I do not that this is a milestone and I have seen it through as a solider. This is definitely about victory, but this is a battle and we have yet to wage war.

3. Standing Tall

As far as a mind state, it's a smoother transition when it's your second nature. Even with the Gnarls Barkley albums, technically, those are solo albums of mine because there's no other vocalist besides myself. So they're also technically solo albums. In all, this is my fifth solo album and it stands on its own.

4. It's Au Natural

This project was logical to go into right after Gnarls Barkley with the success we had there and then me being the voice [of the group]. So a deal was done shortly thereafter. It was put on the table first and this was at a time when the conversations about doing a new Goodie Mob album were not far and in-between, so that deal was done first and it took me about three years to do an album. In our spare time, we were vibing, recording and I still don't think we got into the heart of what the new Goodie Mob album is going to sound like. So we were already started with the project before any other album so that's all it was. I think that sometimes you can't predict these things. The way this came together, it seemed very fateful.

5. Spiritual Awakening

I don't believe any success I've had with Goodie Mob or Gnarls Barkley are at stake for the success that I'm having as a solo artist as we speak. I do want to take advantage of the season that I'm in. Right now, with this album, there's a natural mist, spirit in the air and I want to commit myself to it because I'm certainly motivated [by] it. With the spirit, you take it in and it moves through you and that's what's going on right now. That's the order of events. It's a bit outside of my control. I have an idea of what I want to do, but what I must do are two different things.

You Decide. Will you buy The Lady Killer?

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