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Monday, Nov 8, 2010 3:00PM

Written by SOHH for Joe Budden

[With tomorrow's retail release of Mood Muzik 4, Joe Budden lists the Top 5 reasons you should go out and pick up a few copies.]

1. Ooh Baby I Like It Raw

The number one reason you should buy my record is because it's raw. It's raw. I think that rawness is lacking in hip-hop's current state. It's pretty raw. It gives me the feel of a late 90's record almost.

2. Best In Show

The second reason is it's f*cking immaculate music. It's just really good music. I would go as far as to saying this is my best work to date. Not just to be cliche about it like every other rapper would. During the actual creative process, I'm normally doing and thinking about a million different things. So I don't have time to get into the comparisons [to the previous Mood Muzik releases]. Once it was completed, that's when it started to feel like something I had never done before. Something that was just really, really, special and it felt like I had taken the next step in what we would call my creative maturation.

3. I Got That Heat

We got major producers on here. I got Sean C & LV on there, I have J. Cardim on there, who did a majority of the work. I got Just Blaze on there. I just think that in terms of production, overall, we really just stepped it up a notch as far as chemistry I have with producers and rocking with them.

4. The Gang's All Here

I had reached out to some people who I never reached out to before and they were more than willing to reply. They got into the studio and knocked it out in a timely fashion and it was really good. I want to thank Fabolous, I want to thank each and every member of Slaughterhouse, Styles P and Pusha as well. I didn't go into [reaching out] with any preconceived notion. My mind was like 'I'm only concerned with the effort' so I reached out to Styles, Pusha, Lloyd Banks, all parties and it just felt good to see that these artists were not only willing to participate in the project but they were excited about it.

5. I Can Do More Than Just "Pump It Up"

I want everybody to go out and purchase this, no doubt, but I'm not mad at people who download it. I think this time around, we [targeted] a lot of first-time listeners. I think there's a big misconception that Joe Budden is only [known for] "Pump It Up." You just think "the club" [when referencing me]. Some people don't know any better. They think, 'Oh my God, here's this guy that put out one record and disappeared.' Here, you can appreciate the artistry, the lyrics, the integrity and just passion and emotion in this record that you'll be able to go out and buy.

You Decide. Will you buy Mood Muzik 4?

To purchase the new album, just click here.

Listen to some tracks from the album below:

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