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Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010 5:00PM

Written by SOHH for Roscoe Dash

[With the release of Ready Set Go, rap newcomer Roscoe Dash breaks down the Top 5 reasons to go out and support his debut album.]

1. I Rock Out With My Mic Out

Number one, the biggest reason why you should go out and buy my album is because I have a different style of music than anybody else who is out right now. There's a couple records on here that I'm really proud of. I always told myself I wanted to do something different as far as stepping outside the box, genre-rise. I did a song called "All I Know" and it's actually a rock song and I've never done a rock song before, ever. It was my first time ever doing it and it actually came out really good. I think a lot of people are really going to like it.

2. Aim & Shoot

I have a different aim than anybody that's out right now. A lot of people go for what they're used to hearing on the radio and what they're used to hearing in the industry. I pretty much go with what makes me feel good with my music and I'm more motivated to do my own thing rather than follow in somebody else's footsteps.

3. Piece Of My Peace Of Mind

I deliver a wide body of music instead of just a limited style of music in Atlanta. I do this music for everyone. When I'm in the studio, it's really my sanctuary, it's where I go to ease my mind from whatever is going on. Music has been an outlet for me since I was about 12 years-old.

4. Wait 'Till You Get A Load Of Me

A big reason why you should all go out and buy the album is because everyone has been waiting on it for so long. People have been waiting since April to get a chance to buy it. We've finally gotten to the time where it's ready to come out.

5. It's All Good

We collaborate a lot on this album. I'm a young guy, 20-years-old, and this is my first time around. I've got a lot of nice producers on my album. I have a lot of different producers from young to old, I got Polow da Don and a wide body of producers as well as good music.

You Decide. Will you buy Ready Set Go?

To purchase Ready Set Go, just click here.

Check out some Roscoe Dash songs below:

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