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Monday, Nov 1, 2010 3:45PM

Written by SOHH for Mike Schreiber

[With the new release of the book True Hip-Hop, photographer/author Mike Schreiber gives you his Top 5 reasons to cop an image-filled collection of rap culture.]

1. U-N-I-T-Y

I tried to make sure that a lot of different people were in the book. M.I.A. to Lil Wayne then you have people like David Banner and Biz Markie going to the old school people like Slick Rick. So to me, it's really like a fun book and along with the pictures, I wrote little stories for a couple of them just talking about my experience in it and my experience doing certain photos or how it came about. People have really told me they really, really like the stories because it's personal and brings them into it. Especially with photos like Pimp C who is no longer here or a popular Mos Def photo that a lot of people know.

2. On The Come Up

This book is something good for people coming up. A lot of times I get asked how I started and got into hip-hop specifically and I talk about all that like with the Eminem shot. In the book, I talk about shooting him for The Source's "Unsigned Hype" and how that came about and it really was just the story if you hustle hard enough and put yourself in the right places, then things can happen.

3. Show And Prove

There was a lot of photos that I left out but the main thing for me was the photo itself. As a photographer, it wasn't about the big names or my favorite rappers, this book was about my favorite pictures or some pictures got in there because I really liked the story behind it. Like the photo of Young Buck in Nashville with all the local cats. That to me is interesting because of the story than the picture and then there were some people that were added because I felt I needed to get them in there. I have a shot of Jay-Z but I never got a chance to do a portrait of him so I put a live picture that I really liked. I put in some stuff that no one had ever seen before, like the picture of Lil Wayne and I don't think that Eminem picture was ever published.

4. Bringing The Real

I think being labeled a "hip-hop photographer" is attached to my name a lot and I don't mind it because I do shoot and what I am most known for is hip-hop. I really consider myself a documentary photographer and I've just been lucky to shoot a lot of really amazing artists. I studied anthropology in school so I'm at it with a different angle, I don't come at it as a photographer, I am come at shots as somebody who's curious about something. That's why I called the book True Hip-Hop. With pictures, I like to get the truth behind something, it's not really about making a fantasy scene with girls and champagne and sh*t but if that was the reality, then I would shoot that. I don't really set stuff up or give direction, I let things flow. Some people have thought that the true hip-hop means everything in this book is true hip-hop and everybody not in this book isn't. But the intention was this was my approach, my approach is to always find the truth in things. Getting your photo taken for a magazine is very false, I think, so to try and get something real out of that is the goal.

5. I Do Me

For me, it's a cumulation of the past 12 years of what I've been doing. Just having everything in one place published is important to me. I didn't want to make a book that was self-published. I wanted it to be legit. To me, the industry has changed, the photo industry has changed, the music industry has changed so I just really wanted it to show what I've done because a lot of people know my pictures, but they don't know that I took them. Even with Mos Def, somebody was like, "He didn't do that, Mos Def's wife did that picture." So I'm like, "What? Are you crazy?" That's a negative. So then I was like "Oh sh*t, this is crazy" because somebody could just grab it off my website and put it on theirs. So, I just wanted to have it out there.

You Decide. Will you buy True Hip-Hop?

To purchase True Hip-Hop, just click here.

Check out a few photos from the book below:




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