Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy "Doe Or Die: 15th Year Anniversary": "My Name Holds Weight"

Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010 4:40PM

Written by SOHH for AZ

[With today's re-release of Doe or Die: The 15th Year Anniversary, AZ gives his Top 5 reasons you need to support his hip-hop classic.]

1. Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

You need to buy my album, again, because this is a classic. It's a classic, hands down. I gotta re-introduce my music to the game. This was a classic for me because it was my first album out and Doe or Die went platinum. This album came out in the golden era of hip-hop so that's what really made this a classic.

2. G.O.O.D. Music

The second biggest reason is because my music is good. This music comes from the golden era in hip-hop. That's when we had the music game on lock and lyricism was at its peak. I feel "Sugar Hill" is one of the best records on my album because it catered to what was going on in the streets at that time. It was a good Sugar Hill sample and it was a feel good record with dope lyrics on it. That was one of my goodies.

3. Rather Unique

This re-release album is about me giving back to the fans and showing everyone that love. The fans have always held me down, my real AZ fans from Doe or Die to Undeniable. I've always had a percentage of fans that followed me from the majors to the independents. I feel like I'm completing the cycle right now. 15 years is a long time in this game. Most of your favorite artists probably haven't been able to get to the fourth or fifth album yet. I'm going on my fifth right now.

4. More Than One Way To Get Me

No excuses, you need to go and get this. Buy this and put it on the stack of music that you already got and to keep it going with the other classics you might already have. You can listen to my album in all kinds of ways. You can get the iPod out, go get the CDs and I am putting out the cassettes to all those that are locked up. Everyone that's locked up and incarcerated, you're gonna get to listen to this too.

5. My Name Holds Weight

The last reason why you need to buy my album is because it's AZ. I helped build that bridge from the golden era up until now. I've kept New York alive and I've been able to add on to that era. My name holds weight.

You Decide. Will you buy Doe or Die: 15th Year Anniversary?

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