Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy "D.I.P. Agenda": "If You Miss The Diplomats, This Is A Breath Of Fresh Air"

Friday, Nov 26, 2010 3:53PM

Written by SOHH for Duke Da God

[With this week's release of The D.I.P. Agenda, Dipset's Duke Da God breaks down the Top 5 reasons this Diplomat record is more than music.]

1. So Fresh & So Clean

The number one reason why you should go out and get the album is because it's a breath of fresh air [from] what's out there right now. With the Diplomats, we have always had our own sound and we had our own recipe. So it's like the things that are going on in music now like the auto-tune stage and the skinny jeans, we are going through a lot of different stages. And so I feel this album is like a breath of fresh air if you're tired of that. If you miss the Diplomats, this is a breath of fresh air.

2. Family Reunion

The second biggest reason why you should go out and cop the album is because you haven't heard a Dipset compilation in years. You haven't heard a real, whole, Diplomat album since 2004. So since then until now, all you had heard was Duke Da God compilation albums. This whole album is like a letter to the people. I think this album right here is a follow-up to what you've been missing. It's the same recipe and cook you've loved all these years.

3. Bloodline

Another big reason why you should go get the album is because there's a lot of new blood on the team. We have some really good rookies, new-and-upcoming artists that's gonna be big one day, that are featured on the album. I love to break new blood. We've introduced J.R. Writer and Hell Rell and even though they've had careers for the past few years, it's like they're getting re-introduced. They can survive off the music industry and Cam'ron with Vado, it's great to keep giving you guys new players instead of having you all rely on old players. Hip-Hop always needs new blood and fresh ideas.

4. Better Than A Trilogy

A fourth big reason why you should go out and get the album is because this is my fourth album I have put together. This is the best one I have ever did. I did More Than Music 1 and 2, the Movement, and this D.I.P. Agenda is like the icing on a cake. It's the best sh*t known to man. It's epic. This right here was like three years in the making. We went through the whole Dipset break-up and then it was put together. This album holds a lot. I've gotten better putting records together and making music. I feel like I'm at the top of my game too.

5. Mood Music

The last reason why you should go and get this is because if you're having any problems with your girl, your boss at work or if you have any problems being cool or accepted, go and get the D.I.P. Agenda, there's plenty of lessons on there. We got some stuff on there to teach you how to be a cool person and get you better situated with your people. There's a lot of game on there and I know you could definitely use it to get you better.

You Decide. Will you buy The D.I.P. Agenda?

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