News: Yung Berg Breaks Silence On Batman Chain Jacking

Monday, Oct 4, 2010 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rapper Yung Berg has come forward to confirm recent speculation that he was robbed for his Batman chain by a United Kingdom emcee.

Speaking via a statement, Berg downplayed incident's gravity.

"This Batman chain is not important to me. I got chains...The biggest issue for me was that I gave away to charity, to a kid that loves Batman," - Berg (Hip Hop DX)

The robber, an artist named Rowdy-T, taunted the rapper a few days ago over what went down.

In a YouTube video -- which, in this case, serves as a new age press release, as well as incriminating evidence -- Rowdy-T taunts Yung Berg while going on about how North London blokes aren't to be taken lightly. T shouts out real MCs like D-Block and Gucci Mane, and manages to ask, "What the f--- is a Yung Berg?" Brandishing the chain he supposedly relieved Yung Berg of, Rowdy also makes sure to announce the best way to reach him for an interview is via his managers. The two-minute diatribe is followed by his song 'Gangsta Music." (The Boom Box)

Earlier this year, SOHH spoke with Soulja Boy's S.O.D. artist JBar about his boss being photographed wearing Berg's last stolen chain.

"We ain't got no problems with Yung Berg," Bar told SOHH. "We had got the chain up off of somebody else who had the chain. So we were just holding that sh*t. We just got it from somebody who had it so we were like, 'Ah sh*t!,' we didn't want that sh*t floating around no more so we just holding on to it until he trying to get it back. Yeah [I know what it looks like,] I know people looked at it the wrong way but people were probably thinking 'They weren't thinking when posting them pictures' but it wasn't nothing like that though. We ain't robbed that dude or nothing. Right, no beef no beef." (SOHH)

The rapper's jewelry woes began roughly two years ago when robbed in Detroit.

Since breaking onto the scene, the young rapper has been the target of goons from all over. First, in 2008, he was robbed of an enormous Transformer logo chain by unknown men in Detroit, and then later, reports of the rapper being slapped by Maino surfaced. (Baller Status)

Check out Rowdy-T speaking on robbing Yung Berg below:

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