News: Shyne Determined To Shine Tourism & Big Spending Into Belize

Monday, Oct 4, 2010 11:55AM

Written by Biz Jones

Former Bad Boy Records artist Shyne has opened up about the relevance Belize has on his life and why he is focused on rebuilding his family's homeland.

From Shyne's perspective, he believes there is an opportunity which rests within him to generate interest in Belize.

"I hope that I can make entertainment that will have a mass appeal, allowing me to generate the resources where I could build better housing, build up the infrastructure, get businessmen to come down and invest, build hotels, build restaurants, just totally develop the country. Probably take like maybe a couple billion dollars to really get it started. And success is magnetic, so if I'm touring all across the world and my shit is jumpin', then muthaf*ckas gon' want to be a part of that Shyne experience. And part of that Shyne experience is being in Belize. And that's what I hope I can do. The exposure, attracting the tourism, but more so being an attraction--being a national treasure. And through my relationships in business and the different billionaire dudes I know, getting them to see that we can make this a Central-American Dubai and that there's more jobs for everybody, there's better education for everybody--just a total overhaul of the country and industrializing it and modernizing it." (XXL Mag)

Over the summer, Shyne talked about inspiring his Belize countrymen.

"The Africans over [in the United States,] when you look at Obama -- Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton...Berry Gordy, L.A. Reid, all these motherf*ckers that were able to accomplish so much -- all these Africans that were considered one fifth of a man and all this hot sh*t, they were always able to take the nothing and the nightmare they had and transform it man," Shyne said in an interview. "I don't know, it's something about that continent, in North America that allows motherf*ckers to go places that seem unattainable. But I bring that to my country. I feel I'm powerful enough and I've been conditions and trained enough to bring that to Belize. So hopefully I can inspire motherf*ckers to be in that vein of determination and drive and dreaming. That's what America did for me and that's what Americans do. Ya dig?" (XXL Video)

In a recent interview, Shyne talked about being a representation of the people.

"The reason that I'm blessed and the reason I'm even existing today in a world with people's attentions so short and motherf*ckers don't even remember what happened ten minutes ago, or the last rapper from ten years ago, the only reason motherf*ckers are jacking Shyne is divine intervention," Shyne said in an interview about remaining relevant from prison. "It's because I'm for the people. I'm for my brother. I don't care what color, I don't care what rag you waving, if it's right, I'm with you. And that's like saying how did Martin Luther King's dream get recognized? How does Barack Obama exist? That's because what they were doing was right. It was never about Matin Luther King. It was never about Barack Hussein Obama. It was never about [Nelson] Mandela. It was never about Abraham Lincoln or John Quincy Adams when he defended the runaway slaves. It was about what was right. Men aren't great, men can just do it for great things to take place on this earth. God has preserved me because he knows I'm honest." (The Life Files)

Shyne gave his first media press conference in November from Belize after being deported from the United States following a near decade-long jail sentence.

"Nobody's perfect," Shyne explained during a press conference. "A lot of us grow up in imperfect situations as myself and our lives continue to be imperfect but there are no excuses. President Obama didn't make excuses, Governor Paterson over there in New York who's a blind man and first African American governor didn't make excuses...I make no excuses, I hold myself accountable for the mistakes I've made in my life but that's the end of me or anyone. You make mistakes and the point is to transform those mistakes and that's what I'm trying to do...I make music about life." (Belizean 7)

Shyne is currently residing in Belize and is signed to Def Jam Records.

Check out Rick Ross speaking with SOHH about Shyne down below:

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