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Tuesday, Oct 5, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Jesse Prince

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  • Flockaveli
  • Waka Flocka Flame
  • October 05, 2010
Spin 7/10
HipHopUCiT 3/5
Sputnik Music 3/5
IWantMuzik 8/10

After months of anticipation and controversy, Atlanta freshman rapper Waka Flocka Flame finally releases his first album, Flockaveli.

Waka's debut aims to help the newcomer  carve out his niche and differentiate from fellow Southern lyricists.

A Gucci Mane protégé who rose quickly from obscurity, Waka's upcoming debut, Flockaveli (Asylum Records), is the most anticipated Atlanta rap album of the fall. It has many nearly forgetting about Gucci's new one and the still-delayed works from T.I. and Young Jeezy. What's most impressive is that Waka has created a new rap paradigm, not based on true-life hood stories (like Jeezy), lyrical complexity (like T.I.), or wit and charm (like Gucci). Instead, it can be called stream-of-conscious goth rap, music that is unflinching, dark and wholly noncerebral. It's crushing, anthemic music that has inspired legions of head-banging devotees, while alienating those who think hip-hop should be about something more than getting rowdy. The success or failure of Flockaveli should prove if he is a worthy heir to Lil Jon's raucous crunk throne, or if -- as his detractors insist -- he's simply a passing fad. (Creative Loafing Atlanta)

Waka summoned his labelmates to spit a few bars alongside him on his first effort.

The rest of the album is helmed by Flocka and his Brick Squad crew, which surprisingly is the reason this album doesn't devolve further. The performances of YG Hootie, Bo Deal and especially Slim Dunkin bang throughout on tracks "Bang" "G Check" and "Karma." Joe Moses shines on "TTG (Trained To Go) and Popa Smurf goes hard on "Homies." Cartier Kitten serves as Trina lite on "Snake In The Grass." (PlanetIll)

Waka also relied heavily on a new producer to craft the majority of Flockavelli's beats.

One of the biggest things Flocka has going for him is the fact that he discovered the producer of the year, the 19 year old Lex Luger, who produced the majority of this album. Everyone on the boards behind this album deserves a goddamned award for Flockaveli, but Lex Luger's production gives this album a consistency that's rarely heard anymore, especially in the mainstream where people are still striving to collect all of the hottest producers for their upcoming project. Lex really took off this summer with the deadly duo of tracks he produced, BMF and Hard In The Paint; however, he doesn't slow down at all. I'd be inclined to say that on Flockaveli, Lex has grown even more as a producer, the soundtracks that he provides Waka here as ominous and brooding as anything he's ever done before. (YayoDancing)

The album's lead single is a rousing party anthem entitled, "Hard In The Paint."

This song is a certified banger whenever you hit the club. Just make sure you don't yell out, "Got a main bitch and a mistress" when your wifey is standing right next to you. Take it from us, it's not a good look. (Complex)

Although Flockaveli garnered strong support from Spin Magazine, most reviewers weren't convinced Waka delivered any "flames" on his first effort.

I can't take a guys seriously screaming waka! waka! Waka! on every track, that's just hilarious, I can't believe people really like this clown? This is exhibit A on how dumb down rap fans are if you bumping to this shit, I can't stop laughing listening to this album. Lyrics is whack, hooks are hysterical, only thing going for him is the production, he's like Lil Jon with a better flow. Saying you gone bust a nigga and bow!........ bow! doesn't make your shit hard. Nothing is hot about this album all he saying is he's hard and bust a nigga and that's supposed to be hot? get the fuck outta here with this. (The Prolific Movement)
Now, just because what Flocka has created is something important - an honestly gangsta rap album that will definitely move units and even possibly go RIAA-certified Gold - doesn't mean it's a great (or even excellent) album. I can't stress just how much Flockaveli is beleaguered by the excess of adlibs. Plus, albums that thrive off of energy and high quality production don't have much replay value. (Sputnik Music)

To purchase Flockaveli, just click here.

Check out songs from the album below:

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