News: Chingy Bounces Off Another Tranny Fling, "I'm Not [Doing] A Neck Check" [Video]

Wednesday, Oct 6, 2010 1:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Disturbin' Tha Peace affiliate Chingy has come forward to clear the air on more alleged transsexual dating rumors.

 In an interview, Chingy discussed being romantically linked with transexual Sydney Star.

"That's some straight bullsh*t," Chingy said in an interview when asked about being sexually linked with a transexual. "This is to clear that up. I had a show like two years ago. I had a show with Ludacris, we was at Chicago...There were some dancers on the stage and these dancers were on the stage through everybody's show. The person asked me to take a picture and I took a picture. The boy, whatever it is, asked me to take a picture. I'm not up there checking to see it it's [a boy or girl]. It looked like a woman. I'm not looking to see no neck check and all that. I'm taking a picture with a fan. That's how I'm looking at it. I'm not homophobic, I don't know what this person is...If you a fan of Chingy, I'ma take a picture with you -- You got this person that took pictures with not just me but with a few other celebrities. But for some reason, they want to single me out and make it out like I'm messing with this person, sleeping with this person." (Street Heat)

Chingy also made certain to inform fans that he was never sexually intimate with Sydney.

"I don't even know this person," Chingy added. "I've never sat in a room with this person one-on-one for a minute. I've never had sex with this person, I've never got head from this person, I don't even know where this person comes from. Evidently, they looking at it as a a come-up...I've never messed with a transsexual, transgender person in my life. I'm not gay, I'm not bisexual..." (Street Heat)

Earlier this week, Sydney explained how she hooked up with Ching-a-ling.

"I first met Chingy a while back, it was probably a good two years ago," Sydney Star said in an interview. "He just got done wrapping up a show, went backstage to change and that was when I first met Chingy. He was back there and I noticed he was looking at me, looking me up and down over my body, checking me out...That's when he approached me, said what's up, I introduced myself...we exchanged the numbers and he asked me if I wanted to kick it with him at the W Hotel and I agreed. So, I ended up going to the hotel, of course it wasn't just him by himself, it was him with people from his entourage and he cleared out the room for us to have some time together, to chill and talk...basically, I told him my situation and he did not believe me, he was very, very shocked and kinda was like, in denial. I said if you not down with that, I could leave and he said, 'Nah, I still want that. I still want that.' And we did that." (Bossip)

Last year, Chingy made a video addressing transexual rumors.

"I wake up to people hitting me about some bullsh*t radio show," Chingy said in a video. "I don't have a secret lifestyle my n*gga. I didn't know somebody could hate a n*gga that much to where they would actually go and make this sh*t up...They can eat a d*ck 'cause that's just outta line...The transsexual they tryin' to say that the sh*t happened with, I don't even know that person. Never seen that person a day in my life. Only thing that person knew was my name and who don't know my real name? I say my real name in my motherf*cking raps so everyone knows I'm Howard Bailey. But you know, that's just some funny sh*t, what they're trying to pull off." (YouTube)

Check out Chingy's interview below:

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