Pulse Report: The Kanye West Circus- Cam'Ron & Boi-1da Got Disses, Wal-Mart & L.A. Times Say C'Mon Son, & 'Ye's Suicidal Thoughts?

Friday, Oct 22, 2010 12:25PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we focus completely on Kanye West as it turns out Cam'ron and Boi-1da got some sh*t to say, ponder why suicide clouded Yeezy's mind (as opposed to naked Amber Rose thoughts), watch Wal-Mart and the Los Angeles Times call his bluff & oh SOHH much more!

1. Devil In A G.O.O.D. Dress

SMFH. Sorry doggies, I had to do it. Yeah, I know that Kat Stacks and the Chingy tranny sh*t was getting some talk on the blogs and word is Tony Parker's wife got banged up, in a bad way, but for this Pulse Report, nothing is ever more relevant than Kanye West this week. The amount of talk he has not only had published about him but said over Twitter, interviews and gossip sites? SMFH. This doggy should have won a d*mn Oscar by this point, right? Guess since we love to focus on the beef sh*t, we'll keep things short and get right to the heart of it, Boi-1da? Ball up.

"The tweet was just speaking about the irony of Kanye West yelling at 40 for stealing his sound. People took it the wrong way, and thought I sent a shot. But I'm saying Kanye made a career off of sampling soul records. If somebody takes a sound that you started and runs [...] and does their own thing with it, you should be flattered about that instead of being discouraged... He's a legend in the game, one if the best ever. People think I took a shot at him. I don't think that's a shot at all. I have the most respect for him."

^ LMFAO!!! Just so that everyone is on the same page, Boi got at Ye on the low tip saying:

"Lol @ Kanye West talking bout stealing swag, when hes made a career of sampling records SMDH #TheAudacity," Boi tweeted Friday (October 8).

^ LOL. D*mn, can't really call it, Boi has a good point. How can you be a hypocrite, Kanye, and then go off blasting doggies? LOL. Personally, I think Boi is kinda a** on the production sh*t and the fact that he tried to make an "innocent" tweet and then defend it, well, NO COMMENT. Now as far as Cam'ron? Juelz Santana let us know something is stirring between these two doggies.

At the end of the day, Cam's a grown man, Cam said what he had to say," Juelz told DJ Vlad in an interview. "Cam said he didn't diss Jay-Z, he said he definitely took a shot at Kanye. But what he was saying was that he didn't diss Jay-Z 'cause Jay-Z's name 'was' mentioned [...] listen to wording in which he said he was trying to say he didn't diss Jay-Z. Now even on the radio he hasn't gotten into the issues that he has with Kanye, I'm not gonna give you the issue because maybe it's something Cam wants to tell y'all himself, but you know, it's not that serious at the end of the day...Cam's always gonna be Cam. If he's got something on his shoulders and wants to get it off, he's gonna say it. But it's definitely not something super serious where there's gonna be a lot of time or energy wasted on the situation like that...Kanye, don't even take it like that. Maybe just holla at Cam. Do that. It ain't that serious...."

^ Honestly, doggies, I took offense to this when it all went down. But when I think about it, Cam really stayed loyal in all situations. With Dame Dash, Cam was there. When Nas went at the Roc, Cam was there. When 5-0 Cent was using Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, Cam stayed true to his brand. Even though we can say the Boi sh*t is nothing major, y'all can bet your a**es there is something stirring with Cam and Kanye. LOL @ Juelz saying "Kanye, don't even take it like that. Maybe just holla at Cam." LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it IS that serious.

2. So Appalled

What the h*ll is so popular with suicide these days? From the Rutgers University doggy that jumped off the George Washington Bridge to T.I. "saving" an ATL jumper from murking himself last week, WTF? And yet, much like my theory that T.I.'s suicide rescue was staged, I gotta admit, after reading this sh*t Kanye said this week about offing himself really made me wonder how much of this was sh*t he wanted to make the news for and how much of it was real, doggies. You be the judge:

Kanye WestPolice Tape

Kanye West told an audience at a screening of his film, "Runaway," that he thought about killing himself, but now feels a responsibility to make a meaningful contribution to pop culture and art. Describing himself as a pop icon and "soldier for culture," West told the crowd "there were times that I contemplated suicide." However, he said, "I will not give up on life again." "There's so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard" as loudly as his, West said Monday. "I do it for them."

^ SMFH. What the h*ll, Kanye West? Are you kidding me? I don't get it, honestly. Like, I can tell y'all what I personally believe. I think Kanye said that just to over-hype his film/album. Sorry, I know it sounds low and dirty but think about it. He survived a near-death crash that left him getting his jaw wired. And let's be honest, at every point in his career, he has ALWAYS had a bad b*tch on his side. So, we'll leave this up for the comments section for further discussion but before saying what you feel or bashing good ol' Bulldog Butters, just think......if you had a bad b*tch like this, would you REALLY be thinking about suicide? STFU!!!

Amber RoseKanye West & Amber Rose

Amber RoseKanye West & Amber Rose

Amber RoseKanye West & Amber Rose

^ Come the h*ll on, Kanye. WTF?

3. Monster

SMFH. Sorry doggies, I promise, we will get back to the long-a** disses and a sh*t load of 5-0 Cent references next week, but until then, we gotta keep putting Kanye West's a** on front street. LOL. Now remember when Kanye started to come back and said all this sh*t about not having an ego any more and wanting to make peaceful/joyful sh*t that reflected his life, right? SMFH. Well, doggies, let's take a quick look at how ill-tempered this G.O.O.D. doggy really STILL is. SMFH.

"Yoooo they banned my album cover!!!!! Ima tweet it in a few...," Yeezy tweeted Sunday (October 17).
"Banned in the USA!!! They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix! http://twitpic.com/2ykxjk"
"In the 70s album covers had actual nudity... It's so funny that people forget that... Everything has been so commercialized now."
"I know that cover just blew yall minds ... I wish yall could see how hard I'm smiling right now!!!"
"In all honesty ... I really don't be thinking about Wal-Mart when I make my music or album covers #Kanyeshrug!"
"I wanna sell albums but not at the expense of my true creativity."

.....and Wal-Mart says:

"We're excited about Kanye West's new album and we look forward to carrying it in our stores on November 22nd," a Walmart spokesperson says in a statement provided to EW. "As always, it's our standard practice to carry the edited parental advisory version. We did not reject the cover artwork and it was never presented to us to view."

^ SMFH. Now in all fairness, Kanye could have just said Wal-Mart for lack of a better example, but the bottom line still stands. STOP B*TCHING! Seriously. But don't think it stops there, West REALLY shows that his a** is the definition of big-headed.

"I would've taking offense 2 the LA Times review of the movie but the extremely condescending writer accidentally complimented my suit! Thx," West wrote.
"I believe the writers name was Kriss Lee who so bent on giving a soulless description of my work that he decided to call the album ..."
"....not even by the write name... ironically but I feel more strategically removing the word 'Beautiful' from the title! Woooooooooooow!"
"I assumed a respected media source like the Los Angeles Times would send a writer that would at least have the respect to call the album.."
"by it's proper title. It's called "MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY" Kriss... Even if your goal was to perpetuate non-positive..."
"...thought association. You see what happens when you write with a negative agenda. You have the entire Los Angeles Time's coming off.."
"... like a non credible news source that can't even fact check a well publicized album title."
"How can anyone believe anything you ever write again? I feel sorry for the LA Times more than anything for missing the opportunity..."

^ Now don't get sh*t twisted doggies, I f*ck with Kanye hard but the amount of b*tching he has done in the span of 72 hours is beyond respectable. SMFH. I mean, WTF? Getting all hot and tight over a portion of your album name being taken out? SMFH. Sad sh*t is the LA Times even apologized.

[Update: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that "Runaway" had already been screened in Chicago. West will show the film there later this week. Also, an earlier version misidentified West's album title as "My Dark Twisted Fantasy." The correct name is "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." SORRY @kanyewest.]


4. Mrs. Butterworth: Brenda Lynn

I know doggies, these past few weeks we have been taking ample amounts from top to bottom, so y'all can't get tight when I present a Mrs. Butterworth amongst the likes of Brenda Lynn. Sure, she might not have a Nicki Minaj back and the thighs are no where near Trina, but she is still a strong candidate for the MVB (Most Valuable Butterworth) in 2010. LOL. Feast your eyes on greatness, doggies.

Brenda LynnBrenda Lynn

Brenda LynnBrenda Lynn

Brenda LynnBrenda Lynn

^ SMFH. Y'all definitely owe me for those USB-saved pics! LOL. As always, for the extreme Mrs. Butterworth addicts out there, we got the visuals right here:

5. "STFU" Honors

LMFAO. Doggies, I won't even sugarcoat this up. Melyssa Ford getting gassed over a rumor NOBODY ever talked about? Kat Stacks really making us take her Nicki Minaj criticisms seriously? LMFAO!!! But nah, f*ck the other two, what the H*LL is Slim Thug talking about saying B.I.G. did not make enough music to be considered one of the BEST? GTFOH!!!! Doggies, once again, I introduce you all to the weekly "Shut The F*ck Up" Honors.

1. Melyssa Ford

Melyssa FordRaekwon

"It's ridiculous. I've read about people that I've been with that I have never even met before. One great story was about me and Raekwon," she explained in an interview. "He supposedly came to a photo shoot that I was doing and we had eyes for each other. We left in his drop top Phantom and were 'canoodling' all over LA...First of all, I don't 'canoodle.' Secondly, I had never met Raekwon in my life to that point. And third, that photo shoot did exist but he wasn't there. I drove myself there and back home. I was nowhere near anyone's drop top Phantom. I don't think I've even been in one."

2. Kat Stacks

Kat StacksNicki Minaj

"Nicki Minaj. I love her body... not the face, just the body. Ever since she had the nose job it's been crooked like a witch. Yeah her nose looked way better before that. Media Takeout had the before and after pictures."

3. Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy50 Cent (Shockingly Skinny)

"Being Black, with money, from the hood, struggles, and coming from nothing to something, of course you're going to share the common struggles. You going to have people hate. You going to have people that change on you, and all that. So of course, watching 50, and him going through what he did--if there wasn't no 50 Cent, there would be no Soulja Boy. You know what I mean?"

4. Fabolous


"Twitter is like the drunk uncle of my personality. People just say I go in on people, but it's all in good humor. But I've regretted certain things I've said that later I found out was a little different than I thought. I heard T-Pain say 'F*ck Jay-Z' [at a show in Vegas] and I tweeted it, like 'Oh sh*t, where'd that come from.' [Later], people were saying T-Pain was upset with me and that he said something on Twitter. I reacted based on that, started a trending topic called #TPainBetter [dissing] T-Pain. But I was fairly new to Twitter, so I didn't know there were fake pages. I spoke to T-Pain--the truth is it was a fake. That might've started the whole sh*t of [celebrities] getting verified. We cleared up the situation. It was funny, though."

5. Slim Thug

Slim ThugThe Notorious B.I.G.

"See, I like Biggie. I think he jam or whatever. But, I don't think he put out enough music to be [considered] the best ever. He only put out two albums, due to him losing his life. And I'm from the South; I'll put cats like, Scarface, on the list."

***On some real sh*t, doggies, Slim Thug's ignorant a** B.I.G. remarks still has me twisted as sh*t. SMFH. WTF????!!!!!!! Still can't respect him for not realizing that B.I.G.'s albums dedicated the future of this rap sh*t. SMFH. Aight, doggies, we had to put the light on Kanye West's a** this week, maybe he'll be in a G.O.O.D. mood tomorrow. LOL. Enjoy the weekend doggies and make sure y'all air Slim Thug's a** out on Twitter! SMFH. -BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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