Columns: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy My Record - Chaundon, "No Excuses"

Thursday, Oct 28, 2010 1:50PM

Written by SOHH for Chaundon

[With this week's release of No Excuses, New York rapper Chaundon brings out his Top 5 reasons why you need this album in your collection.]

1. Album Of The Decade

The biggest reason y'all should cop No Excuses is because it's the dopest album from the past five years. There's been a whole lot of garbage in the last five years. As a matter fact, we'll say over the past 10 years because there hasn't been any real cohesive albums out, no beginning, middle and end for a long time. There has been joints here and there but [for] the mass majority, there hasn't been an album like this. And especially a solo album, 100 percent solo.

2. One-Man Band

Number two is all of the work I put into this. I "a&r'ed" my whole album, I financed my own album, I engineered the whole entire album by myself. There was no producer or engineer behind the boards, it was me. The whole procession of the album was really for me, there was really nobody else here but me. I wrote the rhymes, I chose the beats and I put together an album all by myself.

3. My Art Makes You Wanna Check My Craft

Third reason, for those that don't know me, my artwork is incredible. It pops out at you when it's on the shelves. You're gonna look at the cover and be like, "What's he talking about? He has the tape all over his mouth, I want to see what it's preventing him from saying." A lot of people have heard of me on every Little Brother record, I was on all of them, except [2007's] Getback, and every [Little Brother] mixtape, and now you'll get a full scope of what Chaundon is about.

4. It's Real In The Field

This is the full definition of "breath of fresh air." I've been waiting for this. Finally, somebody is telling the truth on records because everybody be lying. In these tough economic times, everybody's acting like they have a million dollars to be throwing around with these strippers making it rain. Come on son, be real. It's finally an album that brings back the whole "keep it real" mantra from the 1990's, I don't know why we're in this era of keeping it real fake, so I had to bring back keeping it real without saying it. You can hear it in my flow, in the beats, the whole story is being told. It's real in your face.

5. Y'all N****s Owe Me

And the main, biggest reason you need to go out and buy No Excuses is because y'all bootlegged the h*ll out of Carnage [2008 debut album] a few years ago. Everybody told me Carnage was dope and everybody bootlegged it. Everyone I asked, "Yo where did you cop it from", y'all said, "Yeah, I got the bootleg son." This time around, y'all need to pay me back so I can go out and buy some extravagant sh*t. I like chains, I like cars, I like homes. Y'all got the first album for free, I brought a lot of dope, special guests like Jean Grae, Sean P, Skyzoo and the list goes on. I gave y'all a real dope album for free because y'all stole it and now it's time for the big payback.

You Decide. Will you buy No Excuses?

To purchase No Excuses, just click here.

Check out songs from the album below:

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