Exclusive: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy My Record - Termanology & Statik Selektah, "1982"

Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010 4:10PM

Written by SOHH for Termanology & Statik Selektah

[With this week's release of 1982, Termanology and DJ Statik Selektah give you their Top 5 reasons to go out and support the rebirth of the artist-meets-deejay movement.]

1. Mass Appeal

Number one, this is the best album from the last five years. The way you hear the artist-deejay sound on here, it's reminiscent of Pete Rock and CL Smooth and we're not just saying it because it's our music but the fans are a big reason why we feel this way. It's a classic. In this time of day, we don't really see another artist-deejay working together and having the same effect and sound that GangStarr had. It's so sad to see that gone from hip-hop because that's where it all started with. Seeing that we came out with this at a time where it feels like hip-hop is almost dead, we're bringing this sh*t to almost where it was. We never wanted to have that "GangStarr" title, but it's definitely dope that people look at us like that, like we're carrying on the torch and representing this part of hip-hop.

2. We Push Dope 

Today, people are always complaining about not going out and having something dope to get. We're giving you that dope stuff. You can go out right now and hit iTunes or Best Buy or whatever existing record store there is now and it's going to be there. Go out and cop it because it's the only way we're gonna be able to keep on doing this sh*t.

3. It Kept Calling Us

We came up with this concept a couple years ago and it's really because of the fans that we decided to come together and make this. There would be times where we would do a joint and then do nothing and then do some side joints and then nothing for a couple months, it was really spread out, but towards the end, it came together really fast. We did this album in the studio together. On top of that, we work really fast together. It's nothing for us to make three, four or five joints in a day, so we could have even done this album in about two weeks but the reason why it took about a year and a half is because of our crazy schedule.

4. Selekt-A-Song

We don't feel like this is a concept album as a whole. Every record is different. We got political aspect records and songs about the hood and how things could be so f*cked up. We have "Hood On Fire" featuring Inspectah Deck and there's lines like "The block is hot" where we're talking about drugs and cops but then in a deeper way, we really mean the hood is on fire with people getting killed and the bad conditions we see every day. Since television is so glorifying the violence and most idiotic music, finally you have something with some substance. You have Term as the brains and then Statik with the beats, so that's another big reason why you need to go out and buy this sh*t. This album has every kind of song you could imagine. It has songs about killing people, it has songs about politics in America, being around cocaine, celebration, literally everything you could imagine.

5. Your Favorite Rapper Loves Us (For Free)

A big reason why you should go and buy it is because it features Bun B on it, M.O.P. on it, Freeway, Cassidy on it and all these people did these records for us for free. That shows what type of album they wanted to be involved in and I'm sure that a lot of you are all fans of these people. You already know, 1982, in stores now, go and get it.

You Decide. Will you buy 1982?

To purchase 1982, just click here.

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