News: 50 Cent Sets High Bar, "After The Next 40 Million Records Sold, They'll Keep It Real"

Monday, Oct 11, 2010 3:15PM

Written by Rosario Harper

50 Cent has justified his recent absence from Twitter and told critics he plans on proving his value through his upcoming LP's millions of sold records.

Writing via Twitter, 50 said he has been creating new music.

"Its the return of the don dada 50 what's up ?," he tweeted Monday (October 11).
"I been working on my album so I had to change phones so I didn't tweet so I could focus. I got some heat."
"I missed you guys to. I feel like twitter let's me speak directly to people. who love me and hate me."
"I made a lot of new music I'm gonna start putting them out yal can check it out."
"It kills me when people try to front like I'm not nice. Maybe after the next 40 million records sold they will keep it real." (50 Cent's Twitter)

Last month, the rapper said he collaborated on tracks with high-profile producers.

"I've gone in the studio with Kanye West,, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz and Polow Da Don," says 50 of some of the tracks he has worked on. "I wanted to see if they could provide a new creative direction that would send me somewhere I would never go. We made some good music, but at the time the songs were not what I felt like I should present...I don't think people were ready for that. I think my audience wanted to just hear a good record and have a good time. They didn't want to hear anything that was so complex that they had to think about what I was actually saying to them. I got records in the house that the fans would bug out on." (VIBE)

He also explained why the follow-up to 2009's certified gold Before I Self Destruct lacked creative boundaries.

"A lot of producers send stuff that's interesting," 50 said in an interview. "To me, it inspires me to write with different cadences, see a different style. I don't want the record to sound like old material. I want it to sound like something new. They all go, 'Oh, Fif, we want that Get Rich or Die Tryin'. They do the same thing to Jay-Z, [but] if you want the old one, buy the old one. If you want the new material that the artist is inspired to write, check it out...I sat with Swizz [Beatz]; I'mma try to get in with him. Don't even be surprised if you hear me and Kanye, just talented artists -- period. I'mma collaborate and make a monster this time. Ain't nobody off limits to me in my head. If creatively they have something they feel is something for the project, I'm with it." (MTV)

Most recently, 50 appeared on a track with ex-Murder Inc. rival Lloyd.

Lloyd gets it poppin' on his 50 Cent-assisted joint "Let's Get It In," the second single from the crooner's Zone 4/Interscope Records debut King of Hearts, dropping this December. The Polow Da Don-produced track boasts a moody, electronic beat with Lloyd coaxing a girl to leave the club with him and head back to his crib for a night of intimacy. "It's featuring someone who I always really wanted to work with," Mr. Low Fade, Still Paid previously told of the single. "It's very controversial. It's gonna be awesome. It's gonna be the sh*t." (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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