Pulse Report: Young Buck Misses G-Unit, Nicki Minaj Sh*ts On Foes, T.I.'s Wife Arrest Pics Leak

Friday, Sep 3, 2010 12:10PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we find out Young Buck's true feelings about G-Unit, question Nicki Minaj's fired shots toward her competition, see proof that T.I. and Tiny got their a**es locked up and oh SOHH much more!

1. Do You Remember The Time

What the h*ll is wrong with Young Buck, doggies? I mean, WTF?!?!?! In just the past week, since the last Pulse Report, we've heard the most random a** rumors being spread and CONFIRMED, well, some, about this doggy. From being released from G-Unit to getting cashed out bankrupt to even learning that he still has a thing for G-Unit? SMFH. I know what you're thinking, maybe some more beef disses or what about a new anti-5-0 Cent Ustream, right? SMFH. Doggies, you are NOT going to believe what this clown is up to. Turns out a list of seized sh*t from that unexpected raid last month leaked on the Internet and let us know what exactly this doggy has balled up in his mansion mom's house. Get ready for this:

In a court filing that detailed the materials seized, IRS revenue officer Lauren Thompson valued them at roughly $70,000. Among the property listed were these items: *A "Breitling Bentley Watch with diamond face and band," said to be worth $31,000. *More than $20,000 worth of music-recording gear. *More than a dozen plaques, photos and other memorabilia related to albums by rapper 50 Cent, with who Brown has been in a feud for several years. *A portrait of rappers Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, 50 Cent, Eminem and Young Buck. *G-Unit Beg for Mercy Award pictures. *Faux fur men's light grey coat w/ 'YB Cashville' stitched inside. *Six televisions, including four with screen dimensions between 43 and 55 inches. *Ms. Pac Man video game. *Hand crafted snake skin purse from Nigeria. *Indigenous Art from Australia. *X-Box machine." (Brown complained after the raid that "they took my kids' Playstation.")

^ Wait, you're telling me his son had an X-BOX!?!?! LMFAO!!! Let me stop f*cking around, nah doggies, that's not what we're focusing on. A f*cking PORTRAIT of Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, 5-0 Cent???? Some G-Unit Beg for Mercy award photos? Memorabilia of 5-0 CENT!?!!?! LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Doggies, are you f*cking kidding me? I should just stop this post right here b/c Buck has killed himself. You know what? As a matter of fact, let's try to figure something out. Isn't he the same doggy who said this:

....not impressed? What about this?

I got about 10 other videos I could post up right here but maybe the rumors are true? Is Buck a smoked out crack head? SMFH. What's even better than Buck admitting to going bankrupt? Well, I guess nothing.

"I was forced to file bankruptcy, not because I am broke." YoungBuck said in a statement. "But because I have to get my finances back in order and deal with the contract situations I was in. Now I have a clean slate and full control over my own life and career."

We're gonna stop focusing on any more posts related to Buck for a while b/c now it's gotten to the point where he's just sh*t talking and not even keeping things real. How the h*ll do you have all these issues and you still got your old crew posted up in your crib? SMFH. Trying to impress some groupie b*tches? LOL. D*mn. Buck has a broken heart. SMFH.

2. Wonder Why They Call You B*tch

Nicki Minaj has won my a** over, doggies. Not only does she have a rack and some type of manufactured a**, but turns out she has taken on the role of subliminal disses not only in songs but in interviews. What, y'all ain't peeped what went down? Truthfully, I'm a little shocked that there wasn't more talk surrounding her calling out her freshmen peers. Let's take a quick look at what I'm exactly talking about:

Nicki MinajFoxy Brown & Lil Kim

"They won't look to sign other female rappers if the project doesn't do well, because they're going to say, 'Well, her buzz was so crazy, and if she couldn't do it, then no one can do it,' and I don't want that to happen. So I'm doing this as well for all the girls...I hope it will open doors for all girls everywhere who ever wanted to pick up a mic and rap and who have been kind of afraid to do it...For a long time in my life, I was afraid to be a solo female rapper, because everyone told me, 'It doesn't work. It's not going to happen. Record companies are never going to invest in you just to get it. Just be part of a group.' ... Even as far as I've come now is already a testament in my mind, so I hope the female rappers understand how big it is for our culture that the album does well."

^ LMFAO!!!!!!! WTF, is somebody a little bit gassed over herself? Let me get this straight, if her album doesn't do well, EVERY label is gonna sleep on any other female rap b*tch b/c Minaj was a failure? LMFAO!!!!! What the h*ll does she think she's talking about and to who? I mean, it's one thing to say Young Money is going to help out and make a strong sophomore album but to say that the whole industry is gonna toss in the towel b/c she can't do sh*t? SMFH. News flash, Minaj, NOBODY BELIEVES YOU! SMFH. For starters, does anybody remember how bad this sh*t was is?

SMFH. Even though Kanye West gave a mean co-sign and most doggy rappers are too unfocused to notice any other female emcees out there, don't think that Minaj is the last savior. For starters, Minaj is on some pop level sh*t whether y'all want to admit it or not. If you want to know the truth, Minaj is currently the 2010 version of 2002's 5-0 Cent, truth be told. Say what y'all want about some of these "washed up" femcees, but if Minaj would to be abducted by a Martian, please believe Eve would step her sh*t up, Lil Kim would be re-born, Foxy Brown would get things poppin' again, Remy Ma would be the new Shyne minus a wack a** transformation, Missy Elliot would go on some Subway diet plan, Kid Sister....do I need to really go on? We'll leave it at that. Some of y'all need to speak out and make sure Minaj's wigs aren't on too tight. SMFH.

Lil MamaKid Sister

EveRemy Ma

Missy ElliotTrina

3. Natural Born Killers

^ LMFAO. D*mn, I know this is some cold a** sh*t doggies but we have to peep these arrest shots of T.I.'s new wife, Tiny. SMFH. Now how does it turn out we get photos of Tiny getting that big a** (compliment, doggies) tossed in the back of an LAPD car but not T.I.? SMFH. Seems a bit shady if y'all ask me. Well, thanks to the good ol' folks at TMZ, we see these two doggies, well, at least one of them, got sent to central booking:



^ D*mn! I guess all is not bad, looks like Tiny is keeping her chin up after all:

Jus wanted 2say thank u 2every1 dats been leaving encouraging msgs & prayers! We love u guys:)going 2bed now! So glad 2b n a nice clean bed$

SMFH. Even though I was gonna pass on this (bear with me doggies, it's Labor Day Weekend and I'm 15 minutes late for a boat cruise!), turns out there is some, LMFAO, "footage" taken from his pre-arrest interview. LMFAO!!!

^ LMFAO! No time to transcribe, doggies, y'all gotta see this. Even better is Dr. Jay's promoting the video as "Final Interview Before Recent Drug Arrest." LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry doggies, Tip ain't doing petty time for a petty crime, Tiny will swallow the charge worst case scenario. Gotta say though, T.I.'s "Takers" goes No. 1 and the King really tries to celebrate, huh? SMFH. In Los Angeles of all places? SMFH. Fail. Fail. Fail.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Suleika

Hey doggies, you want to know one of the main similarities we all have besides wanting more breasts and thighs than a Golden Corral Klumps brunch in Kentucky? We love beautiful women, whether it's b/c they have a fatty that begs to be cranked on that Soulja Boy sh*t or just one of those Megan Good meets Mya type of faces that yearns for doggies like you, me, him and her to add them as friends on FaceBook. Well, then, actually, I guess that means we only care about breasts and thighs after all, huh? SMFH. Let me kill myself and while I do so, feast your hot paws on this week's Mrs. Butterworth, Suleika.




SMFH. D*mn doggies, in case you want to feel pity on me since my girl has now become an ex-factor, you can help a doggy out and provide MORE links to this Mrs. Butterworth. Bonus points if you can find a video of her dancing to "How Low" better than Dwight Howard's baby mama. LOL.

^ Sorry doggies, but until Rosa Acosta grows some hair or stops playing around with those Nicki Minaj wigs, Suleika is my top pick right about now. Anydoggy feel like howling a few times in my favor?

5. "STFU" Honors

This week doggies, as like every week, we have five artists who clearly prove to us why they should resort to the "NO COMMENT" move rather than say something half-retarded, half-idiotic in a media interview. SMFH. The bogus remarks these doggies make has me scratching my head wondering whether or not I am reading some bullsh*t quote off of MediaTakeOut or seeing this from the horse's mouth. SMH. This week? Well, doggies, we got a deported rapper making his second appearance in here, a black robber who is scared of getting blacklisted, a singer who got bodied by a failed MILF, weak excuses for not selling and a rapper who goes searching for a producer that doesn't want to f*ck with him. Doggies, it's time for "SHUT THE F*CK UP HONORS!"


ShyneRick Ross

"I won't do a record with anybody that's not who they say they are. I won't do a record with a muthaf*cka that's gettin' on the stand. I won't do no record with no cops, no sh*t like that. I'm not doin' that. And that's just personal. I won't do it, I won't talk to them, I won't f*ck with them, I won't look at them, I'll keep it movin' and have nothin' to do with them. That's just some personal sh*t...So particularly, that's why I don't do it. So I feel the way I handle it, is you'll never see me f*ckin' with none of them dudes. You will never see me shakin' they hand-- nothin'. I won't be in they video, they can't be in my video-- nothin'. That's how I handle it, by not f*ckin' with 'em."

Black Rob

Black RobDiddy

"The situation with me and Puff, I want to clear this up right now, I don't have no problems with Puff," Rob said in a video. "Puff is actually instrumental in getting my release from Atlantic Records...That interview was a couple months ago, probably a month and a half ago closer to two, that was at the time I was dealing with emotion, I was dealing with emotions. When you deal with emotions, you might say things you don't really mean. Especially when you don't have the real story behind it...I spoke my mind and I got it off my chest, but now, now that me and Puff done spoke on everything -- that interview should be nulled and void."


Usher And Tameka FosterLegal Gavel

"I appreciate the relationship for what it was," he says. "Even though it didn't work out, I'm glad we got together. I love her as the mother of my children; we just couldn't be married. We're two different people -- and we have two different goals. It just was never going to work out 100 percent. We had to put our issues aside and focus on raising [our sons]. There will never be another mother for my sons, and I'll always be their father."


DrakeDrake (Thank Me Later)

"The first week was great but [Drake] still need that big smash pop hit like we had with [Lil] Wayne's 'Lollipop,'" YM President Cortez Bryant said in an interview. "Wayne got his million because he had that urban side and he crossed over to that pop demographic. I believe Drake would've got those million sales if we would've had that pop record. I don't think 'Fancy' is that pop record either...It'll go so far, but when we drop 'Show Me A Good Time' in September -- that has the potential to be that big record."

Ice Cube

Ice CubeDr. Dre

"I didn't get a chance to work with Dre on this record," Cube said in an interview. "He's been M.I.A. for two to three months now. But I don't feel bad, because Snoop [Dogg] can't find him either -- I think, really, it's because people expect so much from him. People expect, when Dre does a record, it [will] change the trajectory of music. Not just be an album and it come out and be good. It has to come and take us in a different direction. And that's a lot of pressure."

***Doggies, can y'all believe it's September? I'm still thinking if there's a special Pulse Report I can do to celebrate my one-year anniversary on here once we get to October. LOL. Pulse Report has really gotten a face-lift. What used to be a 500-word limit turned into an all-out war of egos, bullsh*t comments and 5-0 insertions almost every week. Even better? We've gotten a legitimate excuse for featuring beautiful women and pulling out your favorite favorites for saying some of the most dumb, or should I say, SHUT THE F*CK UP material of the week, every week. Even though it's not the one-year mark, YET, gotta say, things have changed and I would like to say it's been for the better. The comments may not always show it but those d*mn clicks sure do. Y'all enjoy this long a** Labor Day Weekend doggies, I gotta grab some trunks and hop on the subway! -BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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