Guest Star: "The Audience Should Be Prepared For An Absolutely Incredible [Eminem & Jay-Z] Show"

Friday, Sep 3, 2010 1:35PM

Written by SOHH for Patrick Dierson

[Behind-The-Scenes of the Eminem & Jay-Z Tour: Lighting Designer Patrick Dierson promises tonight's Comerica Park concert is a must-see for rap fans.]

I think that the only thing that I can safely say about it is that the audience should be prepared for an absolutely incredible show. This run of performances are on an absolutely epic scale in terms of production design and are going to be some of the must-see shows of the year. I obviously can't give away any of the surprises that are in store but it is safe to say that the fans will be walking away with an experience that they won't soon forget.

Top 3 Reasons Jay-Z/Eminem Concerts Will Be Epic:

1. World Famous Designs

Work began several weeks before the May announcement. World-renowned lighting and scene designers were enlisted, and at Live Nation's New York office, specialists dove into 15-hour days, crafting stage renderings and configuring logistics. A massive set heavy on video elements and special effects.

2. Strong Manpower

Fifty-plus semi-trailers will haul the production from Detroit to New York -- more than the typical continental tour by the Rolling Stones or U2. Over six days at Comerica Park, which hosted an Eminem show in 2005, a crew of about 300 will erect the stage, build light and audio structures, and lay protective covering atop the playing field. About 40,000 people will fill the ballpark for each show, including fans from Europe and Asia.

3. Packed Houses

Jay-Z and Eminem added two additional shows to the concerts they planned to take place in Major League Baseball stadiums. Jay-Z and Eminem sold out the original dates they set to perform at the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers stadiums. Now there will be an additional show at Comerica park in Detroit on September 3rd. There will also be another show at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on September 14th.

Patrick Dierson is an Emmy-nominated lighting/projection designer who has worked on the overall production of concerts and tours for artists like Jay-Z over the past few years. He places specific emphasis on the lighting shown during concerts and utlimately assists on the overall special effects.

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