5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Rah Digga, "Classic"

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Rah Digga

[With today marking the long-awaited return of Rah Digga to retail shelves, the rap veteran breaks down the Top 5 reasons why you should support Classic.]

1. Illmatic-Inspired Cover

I was going more for Illmatic when I did the cover. I was leaning more towards Nas' Illmatic when I did the album cover but I know Lil Wayne did a baby photo too. I was imitating Illmatic with the cover to Classic. It's a classic baby picture of Rah Digga in the classic power to the people pose and it just represents classic.

2. No Features, No Problems

I didn't intentionally go into the project without features but of course I wanted to record everything first and then I figured I would go out and solicit who I wanted for the tracks. But as I kept recording I thought 'why would I go out and get features, it's been 10 years since I dropped an album so why would I cheat people with an album saturated with cameos'? I think, to me, it reminded me of classic hip-hop where there were no features and there were just raw beats, raw rhymes and some deejay's cutting and that was the whole premise of the album.

3. Never-Ending Freshness

I wanted to really make a classic album that didn't sound like anything that was out right now. And I wanted to make something that didn't sound dated or trendy. It's not going to be out of style next year. It's gonna be something that sounds like hip-hop yesterday, today and tomorrow.

4. Artist-To-Producer Connection

With me and the album's producer, Nottz, we've always had great chemistry. He did half of my debut, Dirty Harriet and just like with Dirty Harriet, he was the first producer I worked with and when I went into this album, I wanted to do a commemorative to Dirty Harriet but once I started with Nottz, I was like, 'Oh wow, let's keep it going!' So I ended up doing the whole album with him. I didn't want it to turn into a production, I just wanted to work with a producer that I make great music with and get folks some raw rhymes. I didn't want to waste time and energy trying to solicit folks and do all that. It wasn't about that. It wasn't about finding out who's hot right now, it wasn't about riding coattails for promotion, I just wanted to put out an album for everyone who missed Rah Digga.

5. Return To The Roots 

Buy Rah Digga's album because you have not heard a female rocking like this in ages. And if you miss rewinding verses and not just from a female, but you haven't heard an "emcee" period, rocking like this in ages, especially a female. If you miss hearing the DJ cut, you need to go get this album. If you're tired of albums saturated with cameos, then you need to get this album. My main focus here is just in the music. I kinda shut myself away from everybody. I wanted to make sure I didn't really let anyone hear the album while it was being made, I didn't want anybody's outside influence. I didn't want anybody's suggestions, I just wanted to put down the first thing that came to my mind and put that out so to insure that folks were getting real music from my heart and not something that was pumped out of a label assembly line.

Rah Digga's Classic is currently in stores nationwide.

Check out some songs from Rah Digga's new album below:

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