News: Pusha T Referees Kid Cudi/Wale War Of Words

Wednesday, Sep 22, 2010 3:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Clipse's Pusha T has shared his thoughts on the recent Wale/Kid Cudi spat and if he has taken the side of his G.O.O.D. Music labelmate.

While the Virginia-bred emcee has maintained neutrality, Pusha did reveal speaking with Wale in light of the feud.

"I don't find myself in the middle of it at all. I did speak to Wale because he is a friend of mine. He actually mentioned it ot me and we just had a brief talk. It was basically just keep making your music and whatever happens happens. I told him I wouldn't really hop on that. They're both talented and both have their fans. However this thing spawned, who knows? I've seen them together at times, so I don't really know how serious it is. I do know they're both really talented. We spoke about it and the end result was keep making music." (Karen Civil)

A few days ago, Wale defended his decision to reference Cudi in a past freestyle.

"It's a line, it's a freestyle, you know, I could use your name as a metaphor," Wale told DJ Drama when asked if he intentionally dissed Cudi in a past freestyle. "It's just rap music. It ain't no malice out of it. It's whatever. It's a line, that's what rappers do. Nine out of ten rappers wouldn't take that as a diss...Sometimes I'm the king of diamonds and I like to throw my wallet around. I like to throw around wallets sometimes, you know? It's just a line. But now, as I'm growing as a man and an artist, you just see what you gotta do and how you gotta carry yourself, and why you keep your circle small. But I appreciate it." (DJ Drama)

Based on a published interview with Complex magazine last week, Cudi calls out Wale's freestyle.

"It wasn't a shot, it's just a simple-a** rhyme by a simple-a** rapper. You can't let that sh*t faze you. That's one of those raps that just shows the world that you wack. Why would you even use that as a metaphor? Everybody think they Hov. N*ggas ain't got the magic like they think they do; there's only a couple of wizards in this game. I'm a wizard and I know it," Cudi said. "The last album, I let people dis me, throw out those jabs in their verses and have their little slick remarks. This time around, I'm not f*cking around. I have no time to think about other n*ggas. These other motherf*ckers like feeding off another n*gga's energy, so they mention their name. You hear me talk about n*ggas? ... N*ggas are just so thirsty it's ridiculous. I've been eating humble pie forever, and people still call me an a**hole. These people don't know my f*cking life--now I'm going to give them something to talk about." (Complex)

Following the published interview, Wale tweeted his reaction and spoke about Cudi's recent arrest for liquid cocaine possession.

"n*ggas lettin that liquid cocaine get to them.....lets go then," hetweeted Friday (September 17).
"#shoutout to everybody tryn they hardest to go in on me, u can't say nuffn bout me #NT aint already said. I'm wack? Who tol u radio? Oh, ok" (Wale's Twitter)

Check out Wale speaking on Kid Cudi below:

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